Scarves are the LBDs of fashion accessories. They are a girl’s best friend because they can go from accentuating a girl’s overall look, to covering her up when the weather gets cold. A scarf can come in many different colors, materials, prints, and details. These are primarily worn around the neck to keep a person warm, protect from the sun, spruce up some fashion detail into an otherwise plain look, and for some, for religious reasons.

How Scarves Came to Be

Scarves have been worn even during the ancient times. Many of the world’s leaders and known personalities are known for wearing scarves. These were primarily used then to as “sweat cloth” or as a garment used to wipe the sweat from the neck and face when the weather is hot.

Some scholars theorize that scarves were worn to identify the officers or the ranks of warriors. In China, scarves were worn to identify ranks during the reign of Emperor Cheng. In the late 17th Century, Croatian soldiers were also given silk and cotton scarves to identify their ranks.

It was only in the 19th century when people really wore them as fashion accessories. In the middle of the 20th century, scarves became an essential and versatile clothing that both men and women wore.

Uses and Types of Scarves

Scarves can be made of different materials like wool, linen, cashmere, silk, cotton, and many others. They serve many uses as well. Here are some:

Knitted scarves made of wool are perfect for cold climates to keep the body warm. These are often worn around the neck and accompanied by a heavy jacket or coat.

Thin headscarf, kerchief, or bandanna are worn in drier, dustier, and warmer climates where there are some airborne contaminants. These are often worn over the eyes, nose, and mouth. They can also be associated with religion as some sects want their women to wear these as part of their tradition.

Scarves which are worn to cover the lower part of the face are also called mufflers.

How to Stylishly and Creatively Wear Scarves

Want to make the most out of your scarf? Here are some creative and easy ways on how to wear a scarf fashionably:

1. Low Bow

how to wear a scarf fashionably

Who says your scarf is only for covering up? You can use it as a hair accessory to hold your hair together and still look stylish. This works best for scarves with paisley or shabby chic designs. Paired with a nice dress or laidback outfit, you are good to go.

2. Head Wrap

how to wear a scarf fashionably

Just how flexible a scarf is? Even if the day is hot and humid, you can wear your hair up and keep it in place with a scarf. A head wrap is also a girl’s easy way to pull a casual look for when she is having a bad hair day.

3. Simple Wrap

how to wear a scarf fashionably

If the day is not too cold and you want to spice up your look a bit, you can layer it with a scarf. Just let it drape loosely on your shirt. While it looks so classy and made-up, all you need is just a few seconds to pull this look.

4. Cowboy Knot

how to wear a scarf fashionably

This is best for scarves with some detail. You can wear this around the neck and let the Western-inspired style upgrade your look.

5. Shoulder Drape

how to wear a scarf fashionably

Want to look classy and still covered? The shoulder drape is the easiest way to wear a scarf around your shoulder.

6. Faux Infinity Scarf

how to wear a scarf fashionably

Add volume to your look by recreating the trendy scarf trend. Just tie the ends of your favorite scarves together, and you get a perfect look.

7. The Braid

how to wear a scarf fashionably

If you have long scarves, you can create a beautiful, trendy, and easy braid that will be perfect for your look.

8. Neck Roll Knot

how to wear a scarf fashionably

If you want to keep un-rolly billowy fabric to drape around your neck, you can keep it under wraps with a thin roll. Just drape it over your shoulders, and you add a grungy and modern look to your outfit.

9. Bow Tie

how to wear a scarf fashionably

Are you thinking about sprucing up a simple dress? You can pull your ever reliable and dainty scarf out and turn your outfit into a stunning and pretty date-ready look. Just make a cute bow out of your scarf, and you are good to go.

10. Scarf Vest

how to wear a scarf fashionably

Summer can be quite hot, and many people opt for the more boring look just to put up with the heat. If you have a pretty and big scarf though, you can add a simple vest into your look.

Wearing scarves can be really fun. With a little help from the basic knots you learned in Girl/Boy Scout, you can already turn a simple accessory into something flashy and functional.