You may recognize Taylor Alison Swift as the girl with a “long list of ex-lovers”. The 28-year-old singer, songwriter, and actress is best known for writing songs about her exes, for her power girl squad, and of course, for her feud with celebrities like Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian.

Taylor is best known for her songs that were global hits. She’s won several Grammy awards. Her concerts were sold out. And of course, her music inspired so many people. Needless to say, hers is a name known to almost everyone. However, no matter how popular she is, there are still a few things that fans don’t know about Taytay, here are a few:

1. Taylor dreamed of joining the Broadway.

The start of her singing career could be traced back to her Broadway show auditions. It seemed that the stage was not for her because she was never accepted for any role. Her love for country music could also be attributed to her fascination with the storytelling aspect of musical theater.

2. “Our Song” was a song she wrote for a ninth-grade talent show.

facts about taylor swift

Even when she was still very young, Taylor has already been writing great songs and one of them is Our Song which was written for a ninth-grade talent show. With its popularity among her classmates, she decided to include it in her debut album, Taylor Swift.

3. Christmas trees hold a special place in her heart.

Before she ever made it to world consciousness, Taylor was a little girl who spent her years on her family’s Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing. She even sold Christmas ornaments inspired by her 1989 album.

4. She is very generous to fans and crew.

There have been many stories of how she helped her fans. Through the years, and as a way to give back to her fans, she would personally send them gift boxes. One of the more popular stories was the $1989 she sent a fan to help pay off her debt and in one instance, she gave $90 so her fan could have a great Chipotle birthday meal. She also gave $15,000 to a firefighter who saved his son and wife from a car crash when it was reported that they didn’t have medical insurance.

Not only that, she is also very generous to her crew. She took the 125-person crew on vacation ahead of the end of her world tour.

5. Her friend Abigail kept her sane during the height of her Fearless album success.

Abigail (yes, that Abigail she sang about in Fifteen) is Taylor best friend since high school. When Fearless became such a huge hit, it became hard for her to live a normal life that every 19-year-old experienced. To escape from the pressures of fame, she would escape to her brother’s dorm room or to Abigail’s.

6. She has a soft heart for patients with cancer.

In 2012, she wrote Ronan, a song which she dedicated to a boy who died from neuroblastoma. She learned about him after reading a blog post written by his mother, Maya, who was also credited as the co-writer of the song. All of the proceeds of the sales were given to cancer-fighting charities.

Her own mom was also diagnosed with cancer which is why fighting cancer is one of her advocacies.

7. The switch to pop paid off.

While she is first known for popularizing country music, it wasn’t too long until she ventured into the pop genre. It wasn’t all for naught as it was well-accepted by the audience. She won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album which made her the first artist to win both the Best Pop Album and Best Country Album.

8. She sent fans flowers and a note on their wedding day.

After one of them used the lyrics of Love Story to propose, Taylor made it a point to make her fans feel the love by sending them flowers and a note.

9. She sued a man for a symbolic $1 after he sued her for losing his job.

So many people described Taylor’s testimony as badass after she refused to be blamed that the man lost his job. The $1 claim was her way to call women around the world to report men who sexually assault them.

10. Her Reputation album was much talked-about.

facts about taylor swift

After a string of controversies and her infamous feud with the Wests, Taylor deleted all of her social media posts. It served as a prelude to the release of her Reputation album. After its release, she made another history by becoming the only artist in history to release four consecutive albums that sold one million albums in the first week.

Taylor Swift, love her or hate her, she is definitely someone worth knowing.