Lucifer is one of the hottest TV series in America nowadays. Its first season premiered on Fox back on January 25, 2016. It ran there for three seasons. Netflix picked it up for its subsequent seasons. The series revolves around the “Devil”, Lucifer Morningstar, who, after being bored of Hell, denounces his throne to live a “normal” life in Los Angeles.

The series is already on its way for a sixth season, with Netflix renewing it for the final season last June 6, 2019. Before we head to the ultimate finale though, rewatching the series from its first episode should be a joy. Of course, you can also pick out the best episodes in the series to raise the excitement for waiting on the last season.

Here are the top Lucifer episodes to rewatch before the ultimate finale comes:

Massive spoilers up ahead! You have been warned!

S410 Who’s da New King of Hell?

This episode is the last episode of Season 4. There’s a lot going on in this episode. for example, a new King of Hell was about to be enthroned. Chloe admits she fell in love with our devilish Lucifer, with the latter sharing that Eve was never his first love. Of course, we also witness how Lucifer returns to Hell to reclaim what was rightfully his. Of course, we wonder how Lucifer can get away from Hell again now that he has to face his responsibilities – keeping the demons at bay.

Lucifer’s character progress, as well as that of the other characters’, make it worth following the series until the latest season. Things will pick up in the fifth season; a major reason why you should rewatch the whole series.

S3E24 A Devil of My Word

So there’s a giant reveal in this story! This episode unveils the true background of Marcus Pierce, an LAPD Lieutenant, who Chloe Decker is supposed to marry.

Lucifer and his team are still onto the trail of Charlotte Richards’ murderer. Their search doesn’t bring many leads on the killer. Both Lucifer and Chloe fall into many twists and traps that put their mission in jeopardy.

S4E09 Save Lucifer

Just like what the episode title suggests, this highlights Lucifer’s path to “being saved”. After Chloe opens Lucifer’s eyes to his self-destructive behavior, Lucifer sets off on the path to forgiving himself.

The best thing about this episode is that we get to see Lucifer in his full Devil mode. It is a brand new visual representation of the Lord of Hell.

S2E18 The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy

Charlotte (who is, by the way, Lucifer’s mother) kills someone in self-defense. She then asks for Lucifer’s help to dispose the body. Of course, this almost exposes Lucifer’s identity to Chloe.

While Lucifer braces himself to tell Chloe his true nature, he unexpectedly gets knocked out. He finds himself in the desert with his angel wings fully restored.

S1E13 Take Me Back to Hell

For sure, you love how adorkable Lucifer is. In this episode, his adorkable level rises up as he plays nice and works together with Amenadiel. Amenadiel is not only Lucifer’s older sibling, but he is also the eldest angel of them all.

In this episode, we get to see a lot of things for the first time – how Hell looks like, how God communicates with the angels, and who the angels’ mother is. We also get to witness how Lucifer tries to be a decent person.

S3E23 Quintessential Deckerstar

In the midst of the tense atmosphere of an investigation of a woman’s death, Chloe and Lucifer still find the time to face their feelings. In this episode, we will see Lucifer confessing his feelings to the lady Deckerstar. Chloe accepts and they kiss. Before they can be completely happy though, they witness Charlotte’s human body breaking down.

Another twist in this episode is the fact that Amenadiel returns to Heaven.

S2E13 A Good Day to Die

This episode puts the highlight on the need to save Chloe after she has been poisoned. Lucifer can only get the antidote if he returns to Hell.

This episode reveals the truth about Hell and the punishments to the souls trapped in there.

S2E10 Quid Pro Ho

In Latin, “quid pro ho” means “something for something”. The title is so appropriate for the plot of this episode. Charlotte (again, Lucifer’s mother) tries to turn Chloe against Lucifer. This is in an attempt to get Lucifer off Earth. However, Amenadiel comes right in time to tell Charlotte that Lucifer will hate her forever if something happens to Chloe.

The episode clearly shows how Charlotte is exchanging Chloe’s life for Lucifer’s – an adept representation of “something for something”.

S4E08 Super Bad Boyfriend

Perhaps, this episode is the best episode to watch if you want to take a peek at Lucifer’s psyche. Lucifer delivers one of the lines with the most impact in the series: “why do I hate myself so much?”

All throughout the series, there was already an inkling on Lucifer’s self-esteem. He always tries to be the better person, which often fails; but nevertheless, he tries. It is only in this episode that we get to hear the Devil himself speak out these very despairingly heartfelt words.

S4E07 Devil Is as Devil Does

Lucifer is slowly showing signs of turning into a demon! His angel wings have become demon wings. He turns to his therapist, Linda Martin, for help. Will he be able to get through this ordeal?

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