Hannibal the Cannibal, just one of the most adored fictional serial killers. There are a total of four actors who played Hannibal Lecter throughout the years but the newest one is what I find appealing to write about. Based on my findings, there are certain elements in the past films that are still present in the series.

As I watched Hannibal (the series), there is this odd feeling of ‘liking’ Hannibal even if it’s super clear that he is nefarious. Maybe it’s the fact that trying to understand a killer and his motives are quite interesting to learn about. Science is trying to understand the behavior of present killers and I have been researching theories and analysis while watching it.

hannibal lecter TV series

These are just some of my reasons why Hannibal Lecter is binge-worthy.

1. He does it with class

If Hannibal in the Silence of the Lambs was a complete savage for eating brains from the flesh and biting the tongue of a security in the Asylum. Hannibal in the series (Mads Mikkelson) is the contrary. A quaint gentleman. Evident in the food that he prepares and eats. I guess the food that he prepares could be amazingly delicious that the people who feast on it have no idea what it is.

The food designer of the set, Janice Poon, shared her experience of bringing pig lungs every other day in the set. Which I find interesting, her job must be very exciting and stressful at the same time.

2. He makes it look easy

Maybe it’s because the series really doesn’t focus that much on the nasty process of killing somebody and cleaning the crime scene. The absence of it all made Hannibal look like he can juggle being a criminal and a full-time psychologist and consultant of the FBI. We just love seeing people do stuff that would be impossible for the average (and ethical) human being.

3. His lack of emotions

That’s another thing that makes Hannibal interesting, he is so messed up that his entire emotions faded. Making his immoral acts look so easy to do because of the lack of conscience. I’m never saying that because of the gruesome evil that he commits makes him an enticing person but he is one out of majority that is rare. Rare people and objects make people fascinated.

4. He is a good friend but a terrible person at the same time

As a façade, he looks like a friend that you can count on. He has been trying to help and accompany Will from his insanity. But as you go far from the series, you can see how manipulative Hannibal is. I don’t know if I should spoil but it was revealed that Hannibal is toying with his patients and turn them into killers. That the characters in the series are troubled that the patients of Dr. Lecter are either troubled or killed.

5. His romance with Alana Bloom

Here is the thing about his love scene with Alana, it makes me think that maybe Hannibal must be humane after all. But going through the series, you will never know. It’s obvious that he could be using her. Dr. Lecter is obviously attractive for his age, plus his formal manner of behaving and dressing makes him more engaging to look at.

6. He never smiles

Grinning, maybe, but Hannibal never smiles. It always looks like he hasn’t exercised the muscles in his face and has been like that throughout the years. You still remember when people are quizzical with Kristen Stewart and why she never smiles or why she always looks so blank? That’s exactly how it is with Hannibal.

7. How can he get away with it?

Seriously! With Jack and the team on his back and Will Graham noosing all over him. His lack of emotions and expertise of killing is impressive. Passing his identity as the Chesapeake Ripper to his colleague is very on-the-spot. Sometimes I root for Will Graham that he can finally get Hannibal in his leash. But Hannibal is too slippery to get caught.

8. You are left with a lot of questions

Just like when Abigail just popped out in the second season finale? Spoiler denied. Hannibal has something on his sleeve that we will never predict about.

9. His words and his voice quality is music in the ears

Well, it is weird to say that but he really does have a soothing voice. His vocabulary in explaining something, like a psychological theory or even just asking Jack to be the ‘sous-chef’. Maybe people let him pass through is because his voice itself sounds like an angel

10. He Moved On and Started a New Life

I still don’t know how this is possible when the last episode of season two said that his passport was frozen and he is being tracked. It’s scary to know that he is still in it for the spree and is as unforgiving as the last episodes that I watched.

This is the part where I convince you to watch at your own risk. In some parts of the episodes, it kind of felt like Hannibal got into my head because he is cunning and sneaky. But anyways, other than that. Killing and eating people is not cool.