Disclaimer: This article may contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Love, Simon is originally based on a book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda written by Becky Albertalli. As what we saw in the movie trailer, it is about two boys falling in love, but the movie is more than that actually. The movie does not just portray the love story between the two boys but also gives a lot of messages and lessons to the viewers. So here are the 10 things I learned after watching Love, Simon:

1. Do not be afraid to express yourself.

Simon has been hiding his secret on what he truly feels for years. He was too afraid to show to the people what he truly is. Who wouldn’t be? We have come to a point in our life when we also experienced this. We are too afraid what others might think of us, we are too afraid that they might not understand, we are too afraid that things may change. Well, you shouldn’t be. You are not just fooling other people, but you are fooling yourself too. Life is too short, if you love someone, tell them, if you think you are different, show them. Yes, others might judge you. Yes, others might not understand. Yes, things may change but at least you did try. Know that, not doing the things you wanted to do is the worst regret.

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2. Never break someone’s trust.

A lot breaking trusts happened in the movie and all ended up really bad. Trust is one of the most beautiful thing you will receive and give to a person. If someone trusts you with something, it means you are different, and you are special. It means they are comfortable talking to you, sharing their secrets to you because they see that you are a reliable person, someone they can trust with something and that is precious and rare. So never make that the wrong move. A broken trust may be fixed, but it will never be the same again.

3. Do not do things that can hurt someone.

Simon left the computer in the library without signing out his e-mail. So when Martin used the computer, he read and saw every conversation including where Simon confessed that he is gay. Martin screenshot it and used it by blackmailing Simon. He was also the one who posted it online and because of what he did, Simon lost almost everything. Simon’s life was almost ruined. We shouldn’t do that. We shouldn’t do things that can hurt someone because they don’t deserve it. No one deserves it. How would you feel if other people do the same to you?

4. Never tolerate bullying.

There is a scene in the movie when the teacher lectured the bullies, and it really felt good. There may be a reason why the bullies’ attitudes are like that, it may be because of the family’s background or because of a bad experience because as what they’ve said, hurt people hurt other people. But we shouldn’t tolerate and just watch them bullying other people. We should stop bullying by attacking the action, not the person.

5. It takes one move to change everything.

Simon confessed to the people. He confessed to everyone that he is gay. It took him that move to change everything. People began to understand. Things began to look normal again. Restored friendship, restored relationship. It takes one move to change everything, this could be an encouragement and a warning at the same time. Before doing that move, ask this question “If I do this will it bring good or bad?” You see, you cannot undo the past, so be sure to do things that you won’t regret in the end.

6. True friends accept who you really are.

Despite everything that happened to Simon, their friendship still remained. A true friend always supports you in your dreams and goals because a friend wants the best for you. A true friend also brings out the best in you. You don’t have to fake around them, because if they really are your true friend, they will accept you for who you are.

love simon spoilers

7. Mothers always know.

After confessing to his family, Simon thought that his family might not understand. But his mother, ever since he was a kid already felt it. She was just waiting for him to confess. Yes, a mother is always a mother. Even without telling them, they would still know. They just know.

8. A father’s love is unconditional.

I understand why Jack, Simon’s father, reacted that way when he heard his son saying he is gay. Sons are fathers’ pride. Despite what Simon confessed, Jack’s love for his son is still the same. After all, Simon is still his son. You may not have felt or have seen your father expressing his love for you, but a father’s love is unconditional. They may just express it differently.

9. Always value the people around you.

Simon was blessed and lucky to have a very understanding and loving family. Not everyone is fortunate in having a people that genuinely loves them. So if you have one, never take them for granted. Always be grateful to have them. Always value them. Let them feel you appreciate them. Do not wait for the time where you will realize how important they were in your life when they are gone.

10. There is always something good in every bad thing.

When everything almost collapsed in Simon’s life, it still resulted to a collateral beauty. He was able to free himself from hiding. His relationship with his family even grew deeper. Their friendship grew stronger and most of all, he found his one true love.

So that ends the 10 things I learned after watching the movie Love, Simon. I can say Love, Simon really is a good movie, because you will go home from theater learning something.

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