Normally, when you hear the word “drive-through”, what pops into your mind is the service offered in restaurants. Sometimes, depending on where you live, you might even hear of “drive-through” banks. Restaurants and banks aren’t the only ones that offer drive-thru services though. Here are 10 of the unlikely drive-through services you may encounter when you are in America:

Daiquiri Bay Cafe (Metairie, Louisiana)

Want to drink some cocktails but don’t want to get off your car? Then, the drive-through service of Daiquiri Bay Cafe in Metairie, Louisiana is what you are looking for. Of course, this kind of drive-through service may only be possible in New Orleans due to its loose open container laws.

10 unlikely drive through services

Robert L. Adams Mortuary Drive-Thru (Compton, California)

If there’s a drive-thru wedding, there’s also a drive-thru mortuary service. Robert L. Adams Mortuary Drive-Thru, located at Compton, California, offers the convenience of allowing visitors to attend funeral viewings via the drive-through. No need to get off your car when you want to pay your respects to a recently deceased friend.

A Little White Wedding Chapel (Las Vegas)

Las Vegas is the home of churches and weddings that are beyond traditional. In fact, you can get married in Las Vegas while you are an Elvis Presley costume, while in a Pink Cadillac, or when you are drunk. So don’t be surprised if you hear that there is also a drive-through marriage here! A Little White Wedding Chapel is a notable church in Las Vegas that offers wedding packages for a “quickie” wedding. No need to pay attention to wedding myths and superstitions when you are in Las Vegas!

10 unlikely drive through services

Smartmart (Memphis, Tennessee)

Gas station drive-throughs are normal. But pair it up with an automated drive-through convenience store will definitely make your trip out more convenient. Smartmart in Memphis, Tennessee offers this uncanny combination to customers. Customers can just drive up to a kiosk where they can select the items they want to buy. After selection, their chosen products will be placed in a conveyor belt, which then brings assembles, packages, and dispenses your purchase in an automated fashion.

Kocian Law Firm (Manchester, Connecticut)

Kocian Law Firm, located in Manchester, Connecticut, is – as the name suggests – a law firm (obviously!). The professional lawyers in the firm are committed to representing their clients to the best of their abilities. However, not all of their clients can go inside their building; some are injured or in a wheelchair. Thus, making use of the drive-through window (a relic of the previous layout of the building they are using, which, by the way, is a Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant), the lawyers make their law services more convenient for their clients.

10 unlikely drive through services

Simcoe Drive Thru Art Gallery (Simcoe, Ontario)

Ther’s an art gallery in Simcoe, Ontario that puts up an annual community art show for its residents. Located at Peel Street, those who want to attend can just drive down and view the paintings through their car. The pieces put up in the art show are all free to view. Most of these paintings are created by the townsfolk as well.

Christian Life Center (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Looking to find a place where you can have peace of mind for a moment? Christian Life Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can help you find solace; you just have to drive-through! The “Divine” drive-through service is offered every Friday in the hopes of helping other people find the meaning of life through God and Christian ministry.

Drive-Through Voting Booths (Martinez, California)

It may only be in Martinez, California, but you can actually cast their ballots when voting. This particular voting booth is specifically set up by the Contra Costa County Clerk of Elections Department. By using the drive-thru voting booth, citizens no longer have to find a parking space or pay a parking fee, get out of the car, and wait in line. It is definitely more convenient to cast a vote when you take advantage of this kind of service.

10 unlikely drive through services

Westerville Public Library (Westerville, Ohio)

Westerville Public Library has been in operations since 1930. Their drive-through service though has been opened only in 1999. The said public library thought of this service in order to make visiting the institution a lot easier for their patrons. To make use of the drive-through service, patrons first have to reserve their books online. They can pick them up drive-through afterward.

Farm Stores (Florida)

Farm Stores, which is known as an all-in-one grocery store, has multiple branches around Florida. Thus, if you are in Florida, then you’d agree how convenient it is to do your grocery shopping at Farm Stores. The said store made it even more convenient for their patrons when they opened drive-through lanes. All people have to do is pull into the said lanes, inform the attendants of the groceries they want to get, and wait for the attendant to assemble their groceries. It is that easy!