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The realm of creative writing is not just limited to fiction writing and non-fiction writing. There’s a whole lot of different types of creative writing that every writer should know. By learning more about these different types, writers can have more freedom in saying what they want to say.

Different Types of Creative Writing

Here are the different types of creative writing to have fun with:

  1. Essays. Essays don’t have to be creative in nature. However, most of them falls under the creative writing category, especially the personal essays, persuasive essays, and descriptive essays.
  2. Diaries. It details what happens in  your life. Some of the thoughts put into the diary are personal ones.
  3. Journal. Don’t get journals confused with diaries. Generally, a diary is a type of journal.
  4. Memoir. Personal accounts that follow a specific theme and/or topic.
  5. Storytelling. This is the most popular form of creative writing. It can be fiction or non-fiction.
  6. Vignettes. Vignettes are quick snippets of an episode.
  7. Poetry. Poetry is definitely the most artistic form of creative writing. It may follow a strict set of rules or a freeform type.
  8. Speeches. It can either be informative, inspiration, or persuasive.
  9. Song lyrics. Song lyrics are closely similar to poetry but it is merge with the art of music.
  10. Scripts. Scripts are essential for films, radio shows, and even video games.
  11. Blogging. A blog can be anything you publish on an electronic platform.
  12. Journalism. This is a straightforward and objective form of reporting events.
  13. Letter. This is one of the easiest form of creative writing where your aim is to communicate well with your recipient.
  14. Free Writing. You can write anything you want to write!

Knowing these different types of creative writing allows a writer to have more freedom in expressing themselves. Basically, a lot of wiggle room is given to an author if they get to know the many forms of creative writing. Learn more creative writing types to have more fun writing.