A new author and spoken word artist – Marcus A. Ragsdale has been writing poetries since the age of 19. When he first sat down to do poetry, his intention wasn’t to write a book, it was to relax his mind. It was then when he got to a point of writing four, five, or even six different poems each day, he decided to do something purposive. With all the poems he has written for a year and a half, he decided to write a book—something he knew would change his life for good.

16 Bars shares a compilation of poems that shines a light on the streets where business is business and love is hard to come by. It is not your typical chapter book. A book so unique as an album release for it feels the same – or, more appropriately, a book of albums. In fact, the author looks at the project as a five-album career that encapsulates poems and tackles about anything from self-realization to building up the African-American community.

16 Bars: Hip-hop meets Poetry

The longer you read and the deeper you get into Ragsdale’s poetry, the more you’ll realize he is a proud activist. You won’t get that on the surface, but you’ll eventually see it. At the end of the day, all he wants is for people to enjoy his book. Many will be entertained by his poetry, even the ones who don’t like to read that much. This is his masterpiece; created for everyone to love and enjoy.


About the author:

Marcus A. Ragsdale was born in Hollywood, California – tough, street-smart, and determined to inspire others with his first collection of poetry inspired by the hip-hop music revolution.

Apart from being an author, he is also an entertainer and entrepreneur.


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Website: http://marcusragsdale.com

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