A lot of people think that being a writer is a tough job. The salary is not high. How much one receives depend on how many book sales he or she can generate. More than that, there is no guarantee of a stable income because everything depends on your productivity.

While those outside the creativity circle think of this, those who are “in the know” beg to differ. There are many ways to make money as a wordsmith. Here are the top choices of most successful wordsmiths these days – and no, they aren’t just the bestselling ones like R.L. Stine or J.K. Rowling:

1. Novelist

Being a novelist is the top choice of career for every wordsmith. This is simply because every wordsmith has a dream of getting a book published and circulated in the mainstream media.

2. Blogger

Another career is being a blogger. Nowadays, blogging has become one of the most sought-after careers as a writer since not only will one be able to generate revenue with this but it is also a way of gaining fame in the online community.

3. Content Writer

Content writing is highly in demand as the Internet grows. More and more websites are being launched by the day. These websites then require content not only for their own website but also for marketing their product or service.

4. Comic Book Writer

Some wordsmiths are afraid of venturing into the comic book world, especially if they are not really “graphically endowed”. They aren’t capable of illustrating characters, much more expressing action through drawing. However, being a comic book writer does not actually require the ability to draw. As long as one is capable of imagining a story, you can partner up with a comic book illustrator to create the final masterpiece.

5. Video Game Writer

If you’ve played a video game, then you would have known that most of them have a story where the game takes place. For example, there’s the story of Mario, Luigi, and the Princess in Super Mario Bros. Another is the extensive story of the League of Legends. These stories and scripts are written by video game writers. If you want the kind of fun stuff that involves writing a unique elvish language, then be a video game writer.

6. Screenwriter

Just like a good writer is a necessity for creating a successful video game, one is also needed to make an exceptional film. Why do you think most films adapt their scripts from bestselling books? This is because producers know that the film will sell. Thus, screenwriters who can convert these text-heavy books into movie-ready scripts are highly valued in the film industry.

7. Ghostwriter

When an individual has an idea for a story yet doesn’t have the ability to expand it into a full manuscript, that’s when a ghostwriter comes in. The ghostwriter will work behind the scenes to flesh out the plot their client has in mind. Of course, this means that working as a ghostwriter won’t bring fame to your own name (or pen name) but you’ll earn a hefty sum for your work.

8. Legacy Writer

If you find it fun to write about popular people, then becoming a legacy writer is the right writing path for you. A legacy writer writes about a person’s biography as well as their family life.

9. Freelance Short Fiction Writer

A freelance short fiction writer can write in newspapers, online literary magazines like Paperclips Magazine, and even blogs. Anywhere that requires short fiction will be the best place for a freelance short fiction writer.

10. Personal Poet

Some people are awkward with words, even when they are saying it towards their family members. These people are the ones who hire personal poets. A personal poet gets the task of writing personalized poems for weddings, funerals, or other important life events.

11. Playwright

Attending plays is a very cultured hobby that most people still have nowadays. Playwrights are the ones who churn out the plays being produced in Broadway Theaters and other smaller theaters. Working as a playwright is a daunting task that you will surely be proud of.

12. Travel Writer

Working as a travel writer is best for wordsmiths who are into traveling or going into places they’ve never been to before. Travel writers can work for travel magazines, travel blogs, or other travel-related agencies.

13. Columnist

Work in newspapers and magazines as a columnist. You can choose to go to a magazine or newspaper that delves into topics that you are passionate about. For example, if you are an avid fashionista, then working as a columnist in a fashion magazine is a good choice.

14. Writing Coach

A good number of the populace is not confident with their writing skills. Do remember that writing is one of the required skills in society, especially in business. Thus, becoming a coach to help these people improve their writing skills is a great way to earn a living.

15. Creative Director

Being a creative director is a vital role when it comes to the arts and entertainment industry. As a creative director, you lead a hand in the product development process. Your job is to make the product more enticing to the target audience.

Indeed, there are many jobs a writer can take these days. In fact, the aforementioned careers belong to a fraction of the number of writing careers one can pursue. As a writer yourself, which one appeals to you the most?