Many authors nowadays opt to self-publish their works. It may be due to the fact that self-publishing allows them to get 100% of their profit. It may also be because no publishers are willing to sign them up. Regardless, self-publishing is an option that most authors find beneficial these days. When self publishing your work, you should know what it is really about. Here are some of the honest facts that may surprise you about getting your books self-published.

Fact #1: Publishing IS difficult.

It doesn’t matter if it is traditional publishing or self-publishing. Either way, the publishing process is generally difficult. With traditional publication, you have a dedicated team helping you with the publishing of your manuscript. With self-publishing, you end up shouldering the burden all on your own. Whether it be the proofreading of the draft or the creation of book cover, you alone will handle them.

Fact #2: The only easy part? Writing.

Aspiring authors who self-publish their works will agree that the easiest part of self-publishing is writing the manuscript. After all, this is within the abilities of the author. It is their strongest point so it is the easiest thing for them to do. Moreover, you can get writing tips such as how to invent fantasy language on your own easily. On the other hand, the other tasks involved in book publishing will require the author to either learn the skill from scratch or hire professionals to help out.

Fact #3: Editors are valuable.

Another thing that self-publishing authors will agree on is the value of an editor. Primarily, the editors will work to proofread your work. They help with eliminating typos and misspellings in your manuscript. They also help correct your grammar. You may argue that you can do these things yourself. However, take note that you may overlook things as you repeatedly go through your work. With an editor around, you’ll have a pair of fresh eyes to look at your draft and help you find those things you’ve missed when you edited it yourself.

Self-publishing your work is definitely an option worth considering after you’ve braced yourself to face its realities. If you wish to self-publish, pick the right people and team to help you go through each step. Make every step count.