Dear Readers,

I write this letter formatted feature to address everyone around the world.

Our society will always be the cliché “if you don’t fit in you don’t belong here”. But that can’t happen since the world is so diverse that no one is actually the same person. Not the same DNA or even personality. Each one of us is different and unique. Although human as we are, we look for this thing called “belongingness”. No man definitely wants to be an island.

You bunch might be wondering ‘Where is she leading to?’ Okay, the point is I’m here to talk about the movie Love, Simon. At first, I thought this was some cliché romantic movie that has a happy ending. Well, it did have a happy ending, but the unexpected twist along the way would make you think “this ain’t just about being gay” and stuff. It’s about existential crisis, family, and friends.

An overview of the movie: Love, Simon is about Simon who is gay but didn’t tell anyone. It was his deepest darkest secret. Now, he has this penpal who he exchanges mail with, talking about them being inside the closet and planning on going out, being proud. Unfortunately, someone discovers the exchange of emails and screen caps everything, using them as material for blackmail. Let’s skip to the end: that person exposes Simon, and everything was down for him.

love simon movie plot

While watching the movie, I feel the sense of guilt not because I don’t like the LGBTQ community. I love them. I have gay and bisexual friends – and they’re angels, mind you. But it is due to the bumps they have to conquer.

First Bump in The Road: How to Get Out of The Closet

This is a battle against yourself. This is the battle where you decide to stay “inside the closet” until you crack or show the entire world your true inner being. You may go crazy as to desperately clinging to the idea of staying hidden. And when someone gets in the way of your plans that includes blackmail and threats of telling the world about your secret, everything will eventually fall apart, and you’ll break just by thinking of the idea of coming out of that closet.

Second Bump: How to Tell the World

This is the first, but probably the hardest part of your life. You get to think of your family’s reaction. How are they going to cope? Lucky for those who have families that accept them for who and what they are, but not everyone is like that. Some would lock you up until you grow some balls and be a man. Others would disown you. It won’t destroy you; it would ruin ties. But what I’ve learned is that even though it will ruin your relationships, they will come around. They will accept you. And the important thing is that you are finally out of the closet.

Third Rocky Path: The Bullying

No matter how we try, we can’t please everyone. They’ll always be people judging your clothes, your skin color, your personality, your social status and your sexuality. When you’re finished with the ‘just-got-out-of-the-closet’ agenda, everyone will surely know.

Take this as an example: I had a high school friend. He was the captain of the volleyball team. He was a guy. Like, literally a guy. Then, I didn’t know he had a secret like our boy Simon in the movie. I was shocked I saw him kissing a guy on Instagram. I was stunned. But I was proud because no matter what the bullies told him, taunted him, and even embarrassed him, he was proud of being himself. You should do the same, people. Flaunt it to those judgmental people and own it.

I am just a normal person. Trying to live in this society, in this world. Everyone has their battles. We belong because we are unique in every way. If you think the world is unfair, trust me when I say it’s not because everyone thinks its unfair, that’s why it’s fair.

No man is an island, true. But no two people are the same.

It may be hard to do, and very easy for me to say. Well, not say, but write. It may seem difficult. It may seem impossible. It may seem like it. That’s the thing in our lives, full of what ifs and not why nots. Be somebody who wears a pair of sneakers in a society of heels. Be someone who goes out without makeup in a world covered in concealers. Be an island if you want to, soon enough you’ll be part of an archipelago.

Be yourself.