If you want to take a breather from Jordan Peele’s horror magic, then you might want to look into comedy shows first. In fact, one recommendation is to consider looking for the American television series The Last O.G.

This comedy series, created by Peele together with John Carcieri, has already premiered on TBS last March 31, 2018. The film focuses on Tray Barker (played by Tracy Morgan) as he returns home to Brooklyn after his prison release. Upon his return though, he finds out that his old neighborhood has been gentrified. He also finds out that his ex-girlfriend (played by Tiffany Haddish) married another man but has been raising his twin children. The show typically showcases Tray’s betterment as a father to the twins.


Tiffany Haddish (left) and Tracy Morgan (right) in The Last O.G. | © Netflix


The first season of the show has already finished airing its last episode last June 5, 2018. It ran for a full ten episodes, with Chioke Nassor directing almost half of the season. Aside from Morgan and Haddish, the show’s main cast include Allen Maldonado, Taylor Christian Mosby, Dante Hoagland, Ryan Gaul, and Cedric the Entertainer.

Here are three things that you ought to know about The Last O.G. right now:

1. The show actually drew in 1.8 million total viewers during its official premiere. Due to that, The Last O.G. successfully usurped the throne of being the largest cable comedy premiere since 2016 and the strongest TBS original debut ever. It also got the honor of being the largest scripted cable comedy premiere since 2015.

2. Expect a season two to air soon! TBS announced the renewal last April 23, 2018.

3. The second season will premiere this coming April 2, 2019. That is almost one year after TBS made its renewal announcement!

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