Did you watch Solo: A Star Wars Story last week? Or are you planning to watch it soon? Well, what I can say is just by watching Solo, I reminisced all the previous Star Wars Movies and my favorite scenes about it. You can say that it is my favorite and maybe yours too!

These are some quick facts and trivia that you should know about Star Wars:

  1. All Star Wars films were released on the week after George Lucas’ Birthday.
  1. More than six different people have played Darth Vader. Wow.
  1. Tupac Shakur, the rapper, tried to audition for the role of Mace Windu.
  1. Yoda is a very mysterious character. We don’t know what type of species he belongs to, and sometimes his toes can change in every movie. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, be very observant.
  1. Remember those cute, furry creatures in Return of the Jedi? Yes, the army of Ewoks were initially named as Wookies, but George Lucas went to change it.
  1. We learned about their names (the Ewoks) in the script descriptions and other post-production events because it was never really mentioned in the movie.
  1. James Bond had a cameo for Revenge of the Sith.
  1. Darth Maul only spoke three lines in the Phantom of the Menace.
  1. Not a single clone trooper’s helmet or costume was created in the Revenge of the Sith; it was all CGI.
  1. They used potatoes and shoes for the asteroids behind the background in the 4-6 films.

star wars fun facts

  1. Donald Glover is a huge fan of Star Wars and owns action figures.
  1. Ron Howard directed Solo.
  1. Solo is also a ‘standalone’ film.
  1. Harrison Ford was actually a trained professional pilot, and he taught Daisy Ridley some tips on how to look ‘legit’ while riding ships in the Return of the Jedi.
  1. Mark Hamill played old Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi at the age of 63, the same age as Sir Alec Guinness’ when he played Ben Kenobi in the first movie.
  1. That scene in Attack of the Clones where Padme and Anakin were all romantic in the fields actually had so many bugs flying that the production team had to erase each and every visible one post-production. Not that much of a perfect scene, huh?
  1. Plus, fact #16 took weeks to finish! Wow!
  1. Disney bought Star Wars in a stacking 4 billion dollars.
  1. After Mark Hamill finished his acting for the first three films of the Star Wars franchise, he actually became a successful voice actor. That’s why you’ve never seen his face in the past 30 years.
  1. There is an R2-D2 Builders Club where superfans are commissioned to make real-life R2-D2’s for the films.

star wars fun facts

  1. The Star Wars theme song also has a disco version created by Meco. It stayed on the top in billboard charts. You should check it out – it’s very funky!
  1. Yoda’s eyes were inspired by Albert Einstein’s eyes.
  1. Darth Vader has his own theme song, and that is the Imperial March, written by John Williams.
  1. Remember when Darth Vader met his son Luke Skywalker? Yeah, Vader’s line is often mistaken as “Luke, I am your father,” when it’s supposed to be “No, I am your father.”
  1. George Lucas used to want Orsen Walles as the voice actor for Darth Vader.
  1. Darth Vader has only 12 minutes screen-time in A New Hope.
  1. Don’t tell but Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher used to have an affair during their filming in A New Hope. Ford was married at that time.
  1. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” is the only constant line said in every movie.
  1. This is random, but you might not know this; Darth Maul has ten horns in his head. Yeah, count it again the next time you see him on screen.
  1. It took about six to ten people to work on the full-size Jabba the Hutt.

star wars fun facts

  1. The Phantom Menace is the First Star Wars Film released on DVD.
  1. Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep and Diana Ross were also strongly considered for the role as Princess Leia.
  1. Dwarves were originally cast to play R2-D2. However, after three dwarves complained that the costume was too hot (with one overheating fatally), the producers agreed to cast a midget. The difference between midgets and dwarves is that midgets are much more heat resistant than dwarves (the terms ‘dwarf’ and ‘midget’ are actually very offending for people in this condition nowadays).

There you have it! Now go and watch the latest Star Wars film. Or, if you’ve already watched the movie, go and rate it so you can recommend the movie to others. Whatever you do, May the Force be with you!