Versatile actors are the treasure of Hollywood. Their acting skills should not only pull in the audience, but they should also be able to convince them that they are different people even when they are playing multiple roles in one movie. Doing so is proof of an actor’s topnotch abilities, after all.

Here are some of the movie actors in Hollywood who performed splendidly even when they are playing multiple roles in one movie:

1. Michael J Fox

Film: Back to the Future 2
Roles: Marty McFly, Marty McFly, Jr, Marlene McFly

Back to the Future is certainly one of the biggest classic franchise. The outstanding performance of Fox in the film as he played three roles is one to watch out for.

2. Eddie Murphy

Film: Coming to America
Roles: Prince Akeem, Clarence, Randy, Saul

Eddie Murphy is, perhaps, one of the greatest comedians in Hollywood. He is quite adept in playing multiple roles in one movie. Aside from coming to America, he also played multiple roles for movies The Nutty Professor and Bowfinger.

3. Warwick Davis

Film: Harry Potter
Roles: Professor Flitwick, Griphook, Gringotts bank teller

Even if you are a Potterhead, you may not necessarily notice that Warwick Davis has played multiple roles in Harry Potter. He is so convincing in each of his roles that only a few may have noticed this fact.

4. Nicolas Cage

Film: Adaptation
Roles: Charlie Kaufman, Donald Kaufman

Comedy may not be Cage’s original genre, but he sure can provide great laughs whether he intended to or not. Cage has played multiple roles in Adaptation as he played the lead role of Charlie Kaufman as well as his fictional twin.

5. James McAvoy

Film: Split
Roles: Too many to mention

Okay, so here’s one that actually played almost two dozen roles in one movie. James McAvoy plays the DID-afflicted man, Kevin Wendell Crumb, in the Unbreakable trilogy. Having DID, he has 23 distinct personalities. McAvoy was able to convincingly portray the personalities shown in the film, which also carried over to the third installment, Glass.