With Halloween right around the corner, it is definitely the season to rewatch old horror flicks such as Goosebumps. The series, available now on Netflix, had both its worst and best episodes. For now, let us reminisce those episodes in this R.L. Stine’s show that gave us all goosebumps.

#1. Night of the Living Dummy II

Aired: January 12, 1996

Slappy is definitely the unofficial face of Goosebumps. That is why it is only natural that producers gave their best effort in making Slappy’s Goosebumps TV episode a worthwhile one to watch. Of course, they also did their best in producing the other episodes, but “Night of the Living Dummy II” from Season 1 just stands out. Slappy’s appearance alone is already creepy. The tension also leaves you breathless for the rest of the episode.

#2. One Day at Horrorland

Aired: October 25, 1997

Horrorland is a two-part episode of Goosebumps that delves into the “got-lost-and-encountered-mayhem” trope of the horror genre. A family of four got lost while on their way to an amusement park, instead arriving at Horrorland. Frustrated, they eventually agreed to just enjoy the day at the said theme park, not knowing that they’ll be on for a “death” ride they’d never imagine.

#3. The Haunted Mask

Aired: October 27, 1995

Just the mask alone and you’ll definitely get freaked out. Now, when that mask takes a life of its own, you’ll probably get scared to even touch a latex mask in reality forever and ever!

#4. The Ghost Next Door

Aired: September 28, 1998

You may know of Hannah Fairchild in the first Goosebumps movie. However, Hannah was first known in the Goosebumps TV show episode “The Ghost Next Door”. This episode is one of the best, especially when you get to the mindfuck ending.

#5. Stay Out of the Basement

Aired: January 27, 1996

The basement can be the home of so many secrets. In R.L. Stine’s books, it can be home to monsters! Plant clones, anyone?

If you’ve watched the Goosebumps movie, then you better rewatch the TV series on Netflix. Share with us what is the best episode for you!