Writing a good novel takes time, patience, and creativity. You need to put in the hard work to be a successfully published author. To make the writing process easier for aspiring authors, here are five essential things to help you write a good novel.

Essential #1: Setting

Orienting your reader about your setting is natural. The setting of the story sets its tone. It tells the reader the background that shaped the character’s personality or perspective. Regardless of whether you are writing a young adult novel with a dystopian setting or a modern Cinderella romance story, see to it to describe the novel’s diegesis in a well-developed way.

By introducing the setting, you can set your reader’s expectations. The readers will find it easy to invest emotionally into the character that they understand or relate to the most.

Essential #2: Characters

The characters have a big impact on your story. You have the main character/s who got the spotlight. Don’t neglect the antagonists as well as they are the ones who create the conflict. As the author, you have to flesh out the characters. For the readers to relate to the characters, you have to put depth into them.

In the book entitled Set Up by Jeff O’Neil, the author gave life to the main character Dr. Christine Anderson by highlighting her background, accomplishments, and personality. Providing in-depth details can make the reader feel more familiar with the character.

Essential #3: Conflict

It is important to have a conflict that pushes the sail. Basically, this conflict is what urges our main character to take action.

For example, in the Armanis Ar-Feinial’s The Covenant, the elven protagonist travels with his friend to appease the God of Creation. Such a straightforward conflict eventually pushes the main character to get out of his comfort zone and face the things that matter.

The conflict is an unavoidable part of the story. It is an irrevocable challenge to the protagonist that will bound to turn his world upside down.

Essential #4: Discovery (otherwise known as climax)

Climax is a common term in writing. However, not all writers can fully utilize the power of climax. The turning point is the most critical part of any novel. This is when the protagonist will uncover secrets, make discoveries, or go through the most challenging part of the journey that will change his life.

Depending on your story, the discovery can either be brain or brawn. The first type is when the character pieces several clues gathered throughout the story together. The second type is when they persevere until the bitter end.

Essential #5: Change

When the resolution to the conflict has been said and done, it is a given that there should be changes. The main character may have a change in status or perspective. It may also be a change in setting.

One prime example is the Hunger Games trilogy. At the end of the book, Panem has gone through a significant change in government. The main character, Katniss Everdeen, also changed together with her allies, family members, and friends.

Once all of these essentials come together, you’ll have an excellent piece of work that a lot of readers will love. Make sure to promote your next book.