At this point in time, who doesn’t know Benedict Cumberbatch? If you don’t, then you probably live under a rock. Then again, the dashing Brit has only played major roles like Marvel’s Doctor Strange, BBC’s Sherlock, and Star Trek’s Khan. Of course, he’s starred in a lot of films besides those I mentioned so it’s only safe to say that he’s become of one Hollywood’s sought after actors. He’s also voiced a lot of our favorite characters like Smaug from The Hobbit, Classified from The Penguins of Madagascar, and soon, he’ll be voicing the Christmas-hating Grinch in Illumination’s ‘The Grinch’. There is a lot to be said about Benedict Cumberbatch and without further ado, here are five fun facts that will make you love him more.

1. He can’t pronounce the word ‘penguin’.

Benedict Cumberbatch

For someone who voiced a character in a penguin movie, you’d think this handsome Brit would be able to handle the pressure of saying the word ‘penguin’ but alas, there actually is something the Cumberbatch can’t do. While I think it’s funny, it also is a bit endearing, and is proof that Benedict can easily be as adorable as he is hot.

2. He was kidnapped in South Africa.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Okay, so this one isn’t particularly fun but must be mentioned because it’s just crazy. The British actor was held at gunpoint in South Africa, and abducted afterwards, after a carjacking gone wrong. The funny bit was, he was thrown into a car, all tied up, and then released in the middle of nowhere with no explanation whatsoever. If that isn’t bizarre, I don’t know what is.

3. He think he is odd-looking.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Although we can’t seem to agree on this one, Benedict just doesn’t see his appeal. When asked one time, he enjoyingly told an interviewer that if you put him in a room with George Clooney and Brad Pitt, you’re going to have the lovely, the handsome, and the weird, the latter being him. I just have to say, Benedict doesn’t see his worth but we do.

4. He does a mighty fine impression of Alan Rickman.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Sure, there are more things to focus on because Benedict is a man with a lot great things going on but we can’t just not mention that he does an impressive impression of the late (and amazing) Alan Rickman. He does these impersonations so often that he landed a stint in a Simpsons’ episode as the voice of Alan Rickman. He’s so dedicated to this bit that it’s really fun.

5. His parents never wanted him to be an actor.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Let’s face it: Benedict Cumberbatch is both sexy and intelligent. Every single one of us mortals, knows that. I’m sure Benedict has always been an intellectual but also, his parents purposely sent him to this prestigious, and not to mention expensive, school in the high hopes that he will never become an actor. Ever. Looks like it had the opposite effect, but I guess his parents are down with it now (seeing as they are actors themselves), because they even guest starred in an episode of Sherlock as Sherlock’s parents.