The seventeenth book in R.L. Stine’s spinoff to the original Goosebumps series, Give Yourself Goosebumps, “Little Comic Shop of Horrors” was published in 1997.

In the book, the reader has just been to a boring comic-book club. The meeting took place after school which causes the reader to miss his school bus. Forced to take a shortcut, he finds himself in a creepy part of town where he sees a bookshop that seems new to the area – Milo’s Comic Dungeon. However, the shop isn’t at all what it seems not only is it dingy, dusty, and really dark, there is also Milo who appears to have no plans of letting him leave.

When starting the book, you will have two main choices. Story A is where the reader goes up to check out the comics upstairs and he gets sucked into them. This is where he finds out that he is stuck in the world of the comics. He even finds a kid in his class, Wally, who also got sucked in. Using magic words, the reader can either go to Super Duper or go to Ballistic Bug.

In story B, the reader goes downstairs and went through a door with HORROR marked on it. He then ends up in a maze where many other kids are also stuck and they are desperately trying to escape from the monsters around. Two movements will be presented to decide where you will choose to go.

While there are more than twenty endings to the book, only five are really good ones.

The first ending is where you escape with Tex’ help. You then learn later on the comic book shop has been closed several years ago upon the death of the owner.

Another good ending is where you successfully escape from the shop and find yourself right in front of your school bus. As you are boarding the bus, you see Dr. Doof’s picture where it looks like he is trying to escape but seems stuck.

The third possible good ending for the book is where Jellyjam-Milo dies after suffocating from his own stench. The maze is then destroyed which allows you to escape.

There is also another ending where you escape from the comic store successfully and then you alert the police. The police, however, do not believe you. They then find all the kids that have been reported missing showing up around the shop. You also find that Super Duper’ first edition is in your pockets. You sell it and you become insanely rich.

Lastly, there is the ending where you were frozen in ice. Luckily, scientists were able to successfully free you. They then proceed to do research on you and you ended up making a ton of money from all the press interviews you had to do afterward – which then allowed you to buy all the comic books you ever want.