Watching racing movies is actually quite adrenaline-pumping for average moviegoers. After all, it can be quite amazing to see those sleek Audis and Maseratis doing the inertia drift. The sound of the tires screeching also makes you nervous whether the person onscreen will have an accident in the next second or not. While these might be the feelings of average moviegoers, racers beg to differ.

Here are some racing fun facts they’d want you to know when it comes to those racing movies on the big screen:

1. Oftentimes, the production team hires real car racers to do drifts and other similar stunts. It is very rare for the actors themselves to do the car stunts on their own.

2. Shooting oftentimes takes place in front of a green screen. This is especially with scenes requiring the character’s actual actor and not the stunt double.


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3. When an aerial shot of a race is taken, the actor is not necessarily the one driving the car. The driver may be a stunt double or an actual racer.

4. Outside shots are taken separately from the inside shots. The team then processes the shots post-production to match the inside actions of the actors driving the car to the correct car stunt.

5. The average time of pit stops in real-life racing is three seconds. So those scenes in movies where the female lead or the best friend encourages the male lead to go take the first place? Such a lengthy scene, how could it really happen during real-life racing?

Racing movies aren’t what they always seem on the big screen. Sometimes, it is necessary to have trick shots in the movie too. This is not only to ensure the safety of the drivers and actors, but also to improve the cinematography of the film. With the upcoming 2019 racing film, Trading Paint, hope these fun facts are just in time for you!