Roof replacement one of the most focal home remodeling exercises every homeowner should do with much care and attention. A roof is a major component of your house. Who lives in a roofless house anyway? The answer is none here. Unless you are abnormal, there is no way you can live in a roofless house under normal circumstances. What I am trying to say here is that the roof is a sensitive house component and therefore any replacement plan/remodeling plan should be prepared with much care to avoid inconveniences along the process. Remember, every single house remodeling project you undertake, will not be successful without the roof.

In order for the roof replacement to be successful, the following basics should be considered before getting down to the exercise.

Know the Basic Types of Materials

Roof Replacement Tips

Whatever roof material you choose depends on the area you reside in (your locality). Again, the previous roof material should also be a determinant. If the old one did not last too long, I guess it’s time you changed your taste.

Many people prefer metal roofing to other materials. I strongly support the material. Though sometimes metal roofing can be pricey, it has a reliable durability. Nevertheless, let your preference be your major focus.

The material you choose should also be able to match the shape of your house. Some materials may not do well with different house shapes and angles.

The climate of your residing area also affects the choice of your roof material. For instance, wood roofing will do well in hot areas. This material will definitely you’re your house cool because wood is a poor conductor of heat.

Basic Roofing Materials

  • Metal Roofing:  As I said earlier in the article, I highly recommend this roofing material. Its durability and efficiency are quite incredible.


1. It’s durable. A metal roof can last for approximately 40 to 70 years.
2. It’s safe. Does not catch fire easily.
3. Reflects sun rays and keeps your house cool.
4. It is bio-friendly.


1. It’s noisy when it’s raining.
2. It’s expensive compared to wood and rubber roofing.

  • Slate Roofing: Slate roofing is one of the highest rated roofing material available.


1. It’s quite durable.
2. Its flame retardant thus safe.
3. It’s friendly to the environment.
4. Available in varying sizes and shapes.


1. It’s costly.
2. It’s difficult to install the slates.

Rubber Slate:  This another upcoming roofing material derived from recycled industrial synthesis.

Weight Issues

It’s a crucial factor to consider any time you need to replace your roof. The weight of the roof you choose (definitely will be determined by the roofing material you decide to use) should always be sustainable by the roof frame you installed.

A heavy roofing may be insecure to you and your family. In case the roofing material becomes too heavy for the frame, the whole thing might come down causing a disaster. I’m sure you wouldn’t wish this to happen to you. All you need to do is to balance the weight of the two (roof frame and the roofing material).

Roof Replacement Tips

Save Money and Materials

This is straightforward. Am sure you wouldn’t wish to spend too much cash on the roof replacement project. Kindly, be considerate with your budget plan. Let everything fall within your budget.

On the other hand, the materials should be used appropriately and in a saving manner. Do not be careless with the materials or rather wasteful. Remember you spend your precious dollars on the materials.

Pro Note:

The fact that I said you should save money, doesn’t mean that you are too mean with yourself and get cheap things for your roof. This will be like buying the cheap bunk beds with mattresses to improve your sleep comfort. Trust me the cheap bunk beds with the mattress will not add any comfort to your sleep. The same way, the cheap roofing materials may lead to nothing but discomfort to your house.

Consider the Season for Roofing

Roof Replacement Tips

It’s not every season will be fit for a roof replacement project. It will be wise if you consider the season before settling in any roof replacement plan.

For instance, replacing your roof on a rainy season will be quite inappropriate. Rather, consider the dry season.

In the United States, the season for roofing/roof replacement has been from late spring all the way to the early fall. During this period, you can consider a roof replacement project. It is the most appropriate season for the project.

Understand the Process of Roofing

Every project has a plan and protocols to adhere to. The same way, roof replacement project will definitely have a predetermined/ prepared procedure to follow.

Before reinstalling the roof components, it’s quite important that you first understand the rules and the procedure to go about the replacement process. This will help avoid unnecessary errors during the replacement process. There is a reason why builders do one task at a time. One thing is that you can’t ever install the roofing material before the frame. Mark you that there are some tasks that should be prioritized.

The following steps might be helpful in your roof replacement project:

Get rid of the existing shingles: Before commencing on the project, kindly consider removing all the old (existing) shingles, replace them with new ones.

Check and repair the roof frame: it quite important to confirm if the existing roof frame is in good condition before installing the rest of the roofing materials/components. Consider making some minor repairs on the roof frame if in good condition. In case the roof frame is not in a good condition, I strongly recommend

Consider an ice dam protection: This mostly applies to our friends living in areas full of snow and ice. Ice dam protection is a block of synthetic materials that helps prevent ice and snow in the gutters. It prevents melted ice from draining away. Draining ice may cause damage to the entire roof.

  • Consider laying down asphalt paper.
  • You may now place the shingles.
  • Install the roofing material now.