The Goosebumps books are, as the name suggests, full of stories that can give you chills and keep you up all night. However, there are also instances when unexpected twists lead to a different ending. While some people may suggest that these endings ruined the stories, they are actually proof that unconventional endings can also be great and happy ones.

How I Learned to Fly is the 52nd book from the series and talks about three kids – Jack Johnson, Wilson Schlamme, and Mia Montez. In the story, Jack was always just second to Wilson. When Jack, who’s had enough of it, decided to go to a beach and into an old abandoned house, he dug up a cool book called Flying Lessons. When he eventually showed off his new skill to Jack, he eventually wanted to learn it, too.

Soon, Jack’s father begins arranging shows for him. The government also showed interest. He got so famous but it didn’t make him happy. On the day of the big race between him and Wilson, his flying skills were gone. Wilson eventually won and got more attention.

However, the book ended with Jack admitting that his flying ability is still there and that he just pretended that he can’t because he wants his normal life back.

Welcome to Camp Nightmare is about a kid in this book, but things are a little different. His parents actually sent him to one as a training ground. His parents are astronauts and wanted to make sure that he is ready for their trip to… planet Earth. Turns out, they are aliens.

Haunted Mask II is different because of the heart that comes with it. In the story, Steve was told to manage a kid’s soccer team as his punishment. He thought of using the mask to scare the kids because they are always pranking him. When he wore the mask on Halloween, he tried very hard to scare the kids but to no avail as they are very patient with him. They called him sir and would do anything for him. Eventually, Steve resigned and just asked the kids to take him to Carly Beth’s house so he could finally get the mask off of him.

The Haunted Car is about a malicious teenage ghost who tries to claim the soul of the protagonist, Mitchell. In the end, however, she was saved from a fiery death when the ghost kidnapped her before vanishing forever in anger because she wanted to kill her. The ghost’s living sister, who found out the truth burst into tears because of the evil that her sister has done but Mitchell told her that if it weren’t for her, she would have been dead. Weird Goosebumps ending, isn’t it?

Piano Lessons Can Be Murder is about a piano teacher who is actually a murderer. But, the ghostly woman in the story was actually protecting Jerry from his teacher and ends up saving him.

Yes, Goosebumps really make all the creepiest monsters come to life but it doesn’t mean that all of them are bad. Sometimes, there are stories that also tug at the heart.