The Goosebumps books may have a very scary plot but they are still categorized as child-friendly. In fact, it is the progenitor of child-friendly horror. Even if there are monsters in the book, children know that these monsters are not real. So even if there’s a scare factor, Goosebumps can still be appealing to children.

While most Goosebumps books have the perfect ending, you can’t deny that there are some who falls under the “weird” meter. Here are five Goosebumps twist endings that can make your jaw drop for its weirdness:

#1. Stay Out of the Basement


“Stay Out of the Basement” tells about the story of a plant clone who tries to take over his creator’s life and family. The children, after noticing that their father is behaving strangely, ultimately discovers the switch, which then leads them to do something about it.

Twist: They thought they succeeded in getting their real dad back only to notice a sentient flower asking for their help and claiming to be their real father.

#2. Let’s Get Invisible!

Max, the protagonist of “Let’s Get Invisible!”, finds a magic mirror just before his birthday. In the mirror that can turn him invisible, he and his friends start playing with it. However, they notice that they are slowly losing control of the power. More horrifying than that is that they are being replaced by their reflections.

Twist: After destroying the mirror, Max is horrified to discover that his left-handed brother is now playing catch with him with his right hand.

#3. One Day at HorrorLand

Getting lost on their way to the Zoo Gardens Theme Park, the Morris family decides to detour to another amusement park they found on the way – Horrorland. Horrorland seems like a pretty nice park – if you don’t consider how terrifying and creepy the rides can be. They seem to be too real for an amusement park.

Twist: The Morris family escapes Horrorland after stealing a bus. When they discovered the monster, they were horrified to be given free passes to the said amusement park for next year.

#4. Attack of the Mutant

Avid comic book lover Skipper Matthews was obsessed with The Masked Mutants. He finds himself stuck in the pages of the comics he is reading, facing off with the supervillain Masked Mutant.

Twist: After defeating the Masked Mutant, Skipper thought that his adventures are over and done with. However, after cutting the back of his hand, he realizes that he is not bleeding red but different colored ink.

#5. Egg Monsters from Mars


Dana Johnson participates in the egg hunt arranged for his sister’s birthday, which is right before Easter. During the hunt, he unexpectedly finds a large green egg that doesn’t break even when thrown. Dana eventually finds out that the egg is a monster from Mars.

Twist: After escaping his captor who wants to experiment on him and the egg, Dana tells everyone about his captor only to find him gone. The next day, Dana seems to be fine. However, on the way to his friend’s house, Dana suddenly crouches and lays the same green egg he found earlier.

R.L. Stine has written 62 books in the Goosebumps series. Aside from these five, there are others which you can consider to have a pretty twisted ending. Can you share which one is the most twisted ending in Goosebumps for you?