Do you ever have the feeling that your home is lacking in safety? Well, maybe we should take some pointers in these home that I will mention because of its safety measurement features.

It’s not that surprising as to why the list below are the most heavily guarded homes nowadays.

1. Zombie Bunker

most secure houses on Earth

This house is a dream to live in if you were on the verge of surviving in a zombie apocalypse. Why? This 6,100 square feet house is enclosed in concrete walls, the walls are moveable or configure if the user wishes to do so. A security code can only give you the access to this house, and it even has an inner safety zone. You can locate the Zombie Bunker in Warsaw, Poland.

To be honest, I would want to live in this house if any natural disaster would happen. Only the filthy rich people can only afford an idea as crazy as this.

2. Bill Gates’ Residence

most secure houses on Earth

With a whopping net-worth of $88.3 billion, Bill Gates should always be protected and safe even in the premises of his own home. And it isn’t also a surprise that a guy like him would have such a luxurious place to live in. Mr. Gates’ gargantuan house measures about 66,000 square feet, and in Business Insider, they stated that it took Mr. Gates seven years to build his Medina, Washington estate. His house took about 300 workers just to complete the project.

The house is designed to be advanced and high-tech. There are many features that make your jaw drop if you would see it. The reception hall, the monitored lightings and ventilation, six kitchens, a trampoline room, a home theater, and many more! The complex is also aided by the most advanced security in the world. Mr. Gates has a huge security team trailing him around whenever he goes out to the public.

3. The Corby Family Residence

It’s incredible to know that this house is reinforced with steel 30ft deep underground. You can say that the paranoia of anyone intruding is very evident as there are many security sensors and alarm that surrounds the home. It even has its own panic room so that the Corby’s will be safe when something like a terrorist attack would happen. The Corby residence is located in Los Angeles, California.

4. Buckingham Palace

most secure houses on Earth

Buckingham Palace has been the home of the Royal Family since 1837. Even though it is visited by 50,000+ people in total every year, the security measures in the palace are over-the-top so that they can protect every monarch who resides there. In case of an attack, the Royal Family is to be escorted into the panic rooms installed. A school of British Army is also posted in every corner of the palace.

5. The White House

most secure houses on Earth

Bullet-proof windows, a Swat team that is on patrol every time the president leaves and enter the White House, and about a thousand members of the United States Secret Service; the security measures in the White House is necessary to protect our president. The White House can be visited by locals and tourists, but there are parts in the place that is strictly off-limits for the public. The office of the president is also heavily guarded to make sure that the POTUS is away from danger while being on the job.

6. The Tardigrade House in Berkeley

most secure houses on Earth

The Tardigrade house is inspired from a microscopic insect that is impossible to exterminate. The design is oval in plan, and the top part of the house is intentionally parabolic in shape. It is said to even look like an oceanic creature, and some would say that the house looks more like a giant fish. The design promises to be so durable that it has been globally sold as the world’s safest house. The walls are made from recycled Styrofoam, and one of the materials used is the Rastra block which is a concrete or cement block with compressed and recycle coffee cups. It is insusceptible to fire, earthquakes, flood, and even small insects like ants, termites, spiders, etc.

Tssui, the architect of this house, originally built it for his parent’s as their private residence. Twenty-or-more years later, this house is left empty. It is even a place that attracts drug trafficking and prostitution. The interior of the house is such a contrast of its exterior, and many tell that it was like being transported in an unworldly place.

There you go! These are just six of the most secure houses in the world. There are many out there, but the places on this list are what interests me the most. And you might be thinking that it is very impractical and expensive to have your house as secure as these places, but people have been re-inventing security tools for people like us. Safety is one of the basic things to feel like heaven in your home, and we should absolutely invest in it.