Dev Patel is always going to be a familiar name in the movie industry and it’s not just because of his rugged good looks and his smooth British accent that we can’t get over somehow. It’s also because he’s a phenomenal actor who has landed roles in equally phenomenal films. You might remember him as the gangly protagonist in Slumdog Millionaire, and from that, he’s grown so much over time. His latest film, The Wedding Guest, is set to release March 1, 2019 and looks to be quite a movie.

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As much as we adore the actor, not many of us are familiar of his origins or how he came to be, so without further ado, I give you seven things you may not (or may) know about this talented individual.

He cried reading the Lion script.


You have to admit, if you ever watched Lion, you had an urge to cry. Maybe not a lot, just a little bit. For many of us, it was an emotional movie and Dev Patel seems to think so, as well. During the time that he read the script, the famous actor shed tears. He was emotional and he took those emotions when he acted out his role. It was a huge success and sometimes, empathy is what takes you there.

Dev is a huge technophobe.

Dev Patel hates technology and he’s probably at home tinkering with his old Nokia phone. Dev admits that he’s never into new technology because he believes in living in the moment. This also explains why he’s never in any social media platforms.

He’s crazy tall.


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He’s 6’2” and it shows. His charm gets him by, honestly, but knowing that he’s a guy of tall stature, it makes him even more swoon-worthy.

He won a ‘Best Actor’ award on his first ever performance.

Not many of us know where Dev Patel originated but he first started acting when he was just a kid. He played the role of Sir Andrew Aguecheek in a school play and later on earned the ‘Best Actor’ award. That’s an amazing feat and you gotta hand it to him, the boy’s a natural.

He was born in London.

Want to know where he gets his sexy, thick British accent from? Well, there’s your answer. This man was born in London, England and it was from there that he started off his career.

He has a black belt.

Black belt in what? The answer is Taekwondo. As if being an amazing actor is not enough, he has to have that hint of badassery in him.

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He is a screenwriter.

Dev Patel is obviously a man with many talents and one of those is screenwriting. He may not be good at Math (like he always says) but he does have a penchant of writing amazing things.