Back when we were teenagers, we always thought that old people are a bunch of lame-os who bore the brains out of you. We were young and reckless. Always finding spontaneity in everything that we do.Funny that back then, we didn’t know any better.

But now coming out of that funky phase of pre-adulthood, we are becoming wiser and better at certain parts of our lives that we used to keep on falling and making mistakes. Maybe we still don’t know any better but we did learn a lot.

Here are the seven things you learn when becoming an adult:

1. You laugh at the stuff that you thought was a big deal back then when you were younger.

Remember when it took you so much time to talk to someone you like at school because you are scared you might say the wrong things? Or, trying not to be a misfit at school and try to fit in with the cool guys? Well, none of that matters now. You are much more aloof and carefree regarding about making a great impression to other people. Being impressive doesn’t mean a thing anymore but instead, you learn how to impress yourself.

2. You don’t need a lot of friends.

We will come across a lot of people in our lives but we learn which people are worth keeping. Well, yes you can have a lot of friends but it is a true fact that not all your friends know who you truly are and there are only a few who knows the you you.

things you learn when becoming mature

3. You understand the value of money.

If you are living by yourself or if you are living life on a budget, you already know how money should be valued. Savings will always save you for the rainy day. Even though it is very tempting to spend your whole money on the things that you want to own, there is that tiny adult voice telling you what’s right. You know that there should still be extra money left for your future self.

4. You are your own best friend when anxiety comes knocking at your door.

We went through some of the most nerve-wracking situations in our lives. And being an adult is knowing the fact that sometimes you are on your own when a problem comes. So when you are on your own, you learn how to cope up with feeling anxious, afraid, or nervous in times when there is no one that you can run to. You kind of know how to calm yourself along the way and like I said, you are your own best friend in these situations.

But if the situation is heavy for us to handle, we know how to lift a little weight off our chest by opening up to the people whom we trust. The people who won’t judge us no matter what.

5. You look in the mirror and say, “Oh well.”

All the imperfection and flaws you have that you once hated, you learn how to be in peace with them, and that takes so much courage and time to finally look in the mirror and say that you like what you are seeing or at least not be so hard on yourself. Being mature means learning how to accept or be more mellow about your insecurities. Acceptance is the way to inner peace and a mature adult must learn how to be in peace.

6. You know what you like and don’t like

We are so fond of adopting other people’s views as our own to the fact that we alter our unique selves. An example would be being a bandwagon. And trust me we all went that road, trying to fit in the crowd, but you don’t have to feel guilty about it. But adulting, however, you know what you like and what you don’t like. You don’t have to lie to yourself about being interested in something, it’s just a waste of energy if we are trying to keep up with it.

things you learn when becoming mature

7. You know what you want out of a romantic relationship.

Back then, we used to make ourselves adjust to the people who we used to date with just so we can be together with them. A funny story that I can share is my friend who dated this hot goth. She had no interest or even an idea about the Goth-world but she tries so hard to look and talk like a Goth just so she can impress that guy that she was dating.

It took a little time for her to realize how exhausting it is trying to be someone who you aren’t. We all have standards in our relationships and being an adult is making sure that we don’t lower our standards for someone else.

Seven is too little to justify the bittersweet things we learned as we mature. But not only do I want to remind or educate you in some way but also I hope that I entertained you about how life has become throughout the years!