With the success of the latest installment of the Avengers franchise, it is only right for us to get to know the stars who made the film possible. Tom Holland, the actor who plays the role of our beloved red Spidey, is just one of the lovable characters we ought to watch in the movie. Before you head out to watch him play his role in the Avengers: Infinity War film though, here are some of the unconventional things you should know about Tom Holland:

He is the youngest actor to play the role of Spider-Man.

When he was slated to play Spider-Man, Tom Holland was only 20 years old, evidently making him the youngest actor to play the role. Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire were 29 and 27 respectively when they played the role of the said Marvel character.

facts about tom holland

Tom’s father is a celebrity too.

Tom Holland – full name Tom Stanley Holland – is the son of Dominic Holland. If you don’t know yet, Dominic Holland is a TV comedian as well as an author.

He has three younger brothers.

So Tom is also an older brother! He grew up with three younger brothers, two of which are twins, Sam and Harry. They are three years younger than him but actually cheeky enough to regularly roast him on WhatsApp. The other one is eight years younger.

facts about tom holland

He went to a popular school.

It is quite amazing that Tom Holland has gone to the popular school, The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. This is the same school that Adele and Amy Winehouse has gone to as well. Performing arts is indeed his passion, right?

He loves to bounce.

Tom Holland is a free-spirited youth. He loves the trampoline and does free running on a regular basis. In fact, he has lots of pictures on his social media that shows him up in the air. He is that kind of outdoorsy type of guy.

He had some great rivals for the Spider-Man role.

When he auditioned for the role of Spider-Man, he set himself up against some popular actors who are highly likely to land the red spider’s role as well. These actors include Asa Butterfield and Logan Lerman. Good thing he landed the role though! And it should be good to note that Marvel may not be regretting their choice of hiring him for the job!

He has a cute dog.

We love dog lovers! And it seems that Tom Holland is one savvy dog lover too. He has a cute canine he lovingly calls Tessa. Tom makes it a habit to FaceTime with her and it seems that she is the only one who frequently features in his Instagram account.

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