Goosebumps is one of the TV series that accompanied us during our childhood. Thus, it is safe to say that Goosebumps has also shaped us during our childhood. Here’s the extent of Goosebumps‘ influence on us during our childhood.

#1. Your imagination went wild.

R.L. Stine did a damn well job in inventing monsters that creep us out as a child. Adults may not find them as terrifying though. Reading R.L. Stine’s books actually stir a child’s imagination. Children can also start imagining their own adventures, with Stine’s books as the trigger.

#2. You got scared to sleep and thankful upon waking up.

It can get scary to sleep in the dark in your bedroom right after reading a Goosebumps book or watching the TV series. Especially when you remember the ghosts and monsters that lurk in the dark featured in the said masterpiece. And because you tire yourself out, you won’t notice when you finally fell asleep. Upon waking up, you’d be happy that you are able to see the light of the day.

#3. You looked silly evading basements.

‘Horror in the basement’ is one of the common themes in the Goosebumps series. In fact, one of the creepiest moments in Goosebumps is when two kids went into their father’s basement and found out genetically modified plants and that’s what started the uncovering of terrifying secrets. With Goosebumps as your bedtime story, you wouldn’t dare step foot into the basement all on your own as a kid.

#4. Understand that being a jerk is a no-no.

Being a jerk will also have its own set of consequences. Perhaps, a mask that you won’t be able to remove? Or an unexpected trip to horror land? Goosebumps will teach children to not be a jerk to others – if they don’t want to end in a bad way.

#5. Always tell the truth.

Children always tell the truth, aside from cases when they want to play a prank. However, sometimes, a child’s prank can end up hurting them. Just like the girl who cried monsters. The more often you tell lies, the lesser the number of people who will believe you every time.

#6. No stealing.

Stealing is a great sin. Children should be taught as early as possible that stealing won’t do them any good. And Goosebumps does a good job at teaching this lesson. You see, most of the books under the Goosebumps banner, as long as the protagonists steal something from unknown sources, they end up getting into horrific situations.

#7. Follow the rules.

Rules are placed to prevent trouble. That is why you should never break, especially when you don’t know exactly what consequences you’ll face. If a sinister-looking create is sealed in a creepy carnival with a sign that says ‘do not feed’, then you shouldn’t. Learning how to follow the rules can help save your life.

Childhood is definitely a fun time. Even with horror stories as your accompanying bedtime story, being a child is still the time of your life that you want to go back to. What Goosebumps influence do you remember during your childhood?