The holidays are almost here and while it is definitely a time worth looking forward to, it is also a time of stressful preparations and going around shopping, giving gifts, and meeting people. All the stress and anxiety turn even the most gracious host into the Grinch and nobody wants that.

7 Ways on How to NOT Be a Grinch This Holiday Season

Photo by Irish Mirror

If you are among many people who both await and dread this time of the year, here are a few tips that will help you keep the Zen mode on:

  1. Walk. As everyone would be busy doing their holiday shopping, parking would be a huge problem. It is a good time for you to park as far away as possible and use the extra distance for some walking. This can actually help you stretch for the grueling shopping.
  2. Practice the art of being thankful. The holidays is the time of the year when you get to share your blessings and count the number of people who made an impact in your life in that year and the previous years before that. If there is one season that would remind you of all the blessings that you received, it would be this. And, if you have so much to be thankful for, you will clearly forget about all the bad things and the stress.
  3. Spend money. You work so many days in a year just to make sure there will be enough money to last you through but at the end of the day, money is just that. The holidays is the best time to remind yourself that there is more to life than just working hard and earning. If anything, this is actually the best time to buy things you know would make other people happy. If there is anything that money can’t buy, it would be happiness but to give away happiness, put some effort by buying something.
  4. Acknowledge the stress. You cannot just go on working on autopilot especially if you are well-aware that it is really stressing you out and turning you into the Grinch who just hates holidays. It is okay to acknowledge that you are really stressed out so that you can rest a bit. Remember that acknowledging stress will only give you time to pause and recharge so you can function better.
  5. Breathe. Everyone knows how overwhelming it is to prepare for important occasions. With time constraints to consider, errands to cover, and things to spend for, it can truly drive one crazy and turn him into the Grinch. In order to avoid that, spend a day each week to simply unwind and breathe. Squeeze in some alone time and make sure that you will let all the negativity out.
  6. Allow others to help. The micromanager instantly becomes the Grinch. Remember that you are not capable of doing everything on your own, unless you want to drain yourself out, getting a little help from friends, family members, and everyone else would be perfect.
  7. Just enjoy. Accept that there are a few things that will not go as planned and it is okay. Instead of sulking and spoiling the whole event because of the minor details that didn’t go as planned, decide to just let it go and enjoy things as they happen.

It can’t be avoided that stressful situations would arise as you prepare for the holidays. Instead of being the Grinch and dampen the Christmas spirit, enjoy the whole process, taking some time to pause. Remember that the season is all about merry-making and that is something no Grinch should steal.