There are a lot of places and destinations you wish you could just go in an instant. Traveling in this era is such a fast commodity and we all hold the possibility of being able to go anywhere! But what if I told you that there are places that you are not even allowed to visit? Interested? Unless you are qualified, here are forbidden places you are never allowed to visit:

1. North Sentinel Island (India)

places on earth you'll be scared to visit

Home of the Sentinelese, an untouched tribe who violently reject contact from the outside world, also one of the last people to be modernly uncivilized. The North Sentinel Island is located in the Indian Union Territory. Authorities from the Indian government have agreed to restrict any foreign affairs to be near the island and instructed the public to leave the islanders alone.

2. Coca-Cola Vault (Atlanta)

places on earth you'll be scared to visit

In love with Coke? Well, we all want to know what the super secret formula of the most historical and beloved beverage but unfortunately, the ingredients are kept hidden from the public inside the vault that is located inside Suntrust Bank in Downtown, Atlanta. The secret ingredient has been there since 1925.

3. Vatican Secret Archives (Vatican City)

places on earth you'll be scared to visit

It is the library of all the important documents of the Vatican. The acts of the promulgated by the Holy See, the state papers, and papal account books are all in the archives. It is even said that the written letters from Mary, Queen of Scotts are there, and other information that makes every scholar jaws drop. Only qualified researchers and scholars can view some content inside the archive.

4. White’s Gentlemen’s Club (London)

places on earth you'll be scared to visit

Known as one of the most exclusive private clubs in history, you can only be part of the club if you are notable and well-known. You also need to have connections to current members inside the club. To name a few: Prince Charles, Prince William, and Ian Cameron are members of this club.

5. Javari Reserve or Vale do Javari Reservation (Brazil)

places on earth you'll be scared to visit

There are many tribes that are living inside the Amazon forest for centuries but recently, an uncontacted tribe has been discovered. This tribe is 2000+ in population and also is avoiding contact with the outside world. Authorities in Brazil have made it clear to the public to stay away from the Amazon forest.

6. Google Data Centers

places on earth you'll be scared to visit

Google owns about 15 data centers around the world and all of them are strictly prohibited to the public. Google made it a mission to build efficient data centers and to make the facilities a product of great efforts. These centers’ purpose is to secure all of our data.

7. Area 51 (Nevada)

places on earth you'll be scared to visit

A place so secret that it sparks many conspiracies of what is really inside, Area 51 is a top-secret US Air Force facility. The purpose of this place is generally unknown but it is likely to be a place where experimental weapons and aircraft are tested.

8. Snake Island (Brazil)

Otherwise known as the ‘Ilha da Queimada Grande’, Snake Island is an island populated with so many snakes. It is also the home of some of the wildest and endangered species of serpents. It is rainforest in nature and temperate in climate. The only people who have access to this island are the Brazilian navy and a few selected researchers.

9. The Chapel of the Ark (Ethiopia)

places on earth you'll be scared to visit

This holy place is said to be the home of the 10 commandments from God. Since, the commandments are stored in the ‘ark of the covenant’, the monks in this chapel claim that the covenant is sheltered inside the chapel. Is it really there though? Many question the legitimacy because no one except the monks are allowed to come inside the chapel.