When Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas was first released in 2000, people were lining up at the cinemas. For almost two decades now, this story still never fails to impress that it has become a holiday classic. Suffice it to say, this movie also cemented Jim Carrey’s space in the heart of adults and children alike. He was so good at the titular role of the Grinch that it would be so difficult to think of any other actor playing the part. Despite all the controversies behind the movie, there is no denying that people couldn’t imagine any other actor playing the iconic role. Here are reasons why he definitely nailed it:

1. “Jazzercise” mean nothing if not for him.

9 Reasons Why Jim Carrey Nailed “Grinch”

Carrey has always been known for owning his character. In this movie, he made the expression “jazzercise” so popular and yet, no one else can utter it as perfectly as he did.

2. He’s made eating when bored justifiable.

Probably, people will make you feel guilty for eating when you are just bored but then, The Grinch actually made eating even when you’re not hungry feel normal. Sure, he is eating glass but you get the drill.

3. He’s got so much feelings.

9 Reasons Why Jim Carrey Nailed “Grinch”

Ever since the movie was released, a grumpy person who is going through so much has since been labeled the “Grinch”. Despite him stealing Christmas and not wanting anyone else to be happy, people knew that it is only because he had so much pain and hate. Things took a different turn when he received the most thoughtful holiday gift. Who else could portray such strong emotions but Jim Carrey?

4. He represented all the introverts in the world.

9 Reasons Why Jim Carrey Nailed “Grinch”

So many people just want to stay in their caves. The Grinch made us realize though that leaving it could actually open doors for us and still give us that same blanket we always enjoyed in seclusion.

5. He acknowledges good work despite being the “Grinch”.

9 Reasons Why Jim Carrey Nailed “Grinch”

Remember how he gave himself a pat on the back for building a sleigh despite not having any construction knowledge? Well, you have to give it to Jim Carrey to give such funny scene the justice it deserved.

6. He made the Grinch our spirit entity when it comes to going out.

9 Reasons Why Jim Carrey Nailed “Grinch”

We all know how boys and girls alike just don’t like the whole pressure of looking good when going out feels. The Grinch certainly showed everyone what it was like.

7. He made us realize that me time is important.

9 Reasons Why Jim Carrey Nailed “Grinch”

As the movie is shown at a time when people are rushing about all of the time, he showed us that “me time” is very important to keep us a little less like the Grinch. Sure, holiday gatherings need much preparation but never be too hard on yourself.

8. He still believes that true love is out there.

9 Reasons Why Jim Carrey Nailed “Grinch”

Christmas is a time when people just want to give love and some people just want to rub it in. If you are heartbroken, you would really be disgusted at all these things. And yet, Jim Carrey’s Grinch made us realize that despite all the bad feelings we associate with the season, true love could win over them all.

9. He still turned out to be a good guy.

9 Reasons Why Jim Carrey Nailed “Grinch”

We hate the Grinch because he stole Christmas and yet, in the end, we saw just how much of a good guy he really is.