How to Train Your Dragon is such an inspiring movie and even now, the life lessons it instilled in us will never go away. Of course, if you’ve been religiously following this franchise for a very long time, you’d be aware of every teeny, tiny detail that makes up this beautiful work but there are also things that you may not know that would certainly surprise you. To make things easier for some of you, here is a list of 9 things that you do not know about Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon.

1. Toothless’ design is inspired by both humans and animals.

The voice and personality of our adorable Night Fury ‘Toothless’ were derived from a mixture of human voices, as well as animals like dogs, cats, and horses. No wonder he’s so difficult to read but really endearing.

2. Real-life places inspired the film’s setting.

It’s hard to believe that real-life locations inspired the places in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. After all, they’re just too beautiful. It’s a mixture of Iceland and some watery locations on the Pacific coast.

3. The third and final installment of the franchise was supposed to be released a little earlier.

The third installment of the franchise, Hidden World, should have been released at an earlier date (2012). It was later on moved to 2016 and then to 2017, ultimately leading to its release later this year. It had something to do with Dreamworks firing a lot of their people for poor sales during the past years.

4. The original directors aren’t so “original”.

Peter Hastings (The Country Bears, 2002) was the first guy who worked on this movie. However, the studio soon let him go after realizing that Hastings was intending the film to be for younger audiences only. To save the movie, Dreamworks signed Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois to transform it into something more suitable for all ages.

5. The franchise is based off a famous book.

Not many of you know this but this famous franchise is based on Cressida Cowell’s famous books.

6. Animators had to attend “flight school” during production.

To get more familiar about the facts of flight physics and movements, the animators of the movie attended “flight school”. This way, they can bring out a more realistic feel to the flying animations.

7. Beards and fur are no joke.

The Vikings are one of the most important essences of this movie. They are usually clad in fur and sport huge beards. Did you know that they’re one of the elements that are so hard to make? It took them months to make Stoick’s beard as they prove to be really tricky.

8. Originally, Toothless should have been the size of an Iguana.

In the books, Toothless should be the size of an Iguana. However, the directors decided that Hiccup should be big enough for Hiccup to ride on. Doing so makes it easier for the animators to plant the adorable emotions Hiccup is famous for.

9. Gloria from Madagascar makes an appearance.

Gloria is the sassy Hippo from Madagascar but she does make a short appearance on the first film. In the scene where we see a lot of dragons flying, we see the Monstrous Nightmare. It is carrying something! According to the DVD commentary, it is indeed Gloria from Madagascar (poor Gloria).