The LGBT community fought a hard battle to gain the acceptance of society in modern times. It is a good thing that, now, the prejudice against them has subsided by a lot. In fact, it is so much so that numerous Netflix LGBTQ shows have become easily available.

The first noted depiction of homosexuality in cinema was way back in 1895. In the film The Dickson Experimental Sound Film (now known as The Gay Brothers), there is a scene where two men were dancing together. Back then, this was a shocking scene for the audience. After all, this subverted conventional male behavior.

From then on, stereotypes and gender-based conventions become the depiction of homosexuality in films. Thus, filmmakers back in the day developed gay characters to be effeminate and flamboyant.

Great Depression came in the 1930s. At this time, the number of moviegoers dwindled significantly. Thus, filmmakers preferred to use themes with high shock-value in their films to get the audience interested. They used themes such as violence, prostitution, and, thus, gays as well. Several notable films produced during this period include Charlie Chaplin’s A Woman, I Was a Male War Bride, Sylvia Scarlett, and Morocco.

Consequently, due to a Supreme Court order, The Motion Picture Production Code. This code is the government’s censorship to the film industry at that time.

And then the World War II era came. It was during this era that the censorship code lightened significantly. It was also during this era that the Motion Picture Association of America was established. Some of the notable drag films during this time include Lawrence of Arabia and Inside Daisy Clover.

A Major Turning Point

The LGBT rights movement’s major turning point came in 1969. This incident would then eventually become popular as the Stonewall riots. It was at this event that Hollywood realized the potential of gay demographics. With the LGBT community’s increasing visibility, films such as Fortune and Men’s Eyes and Ode to Billy Joe, to name a few, were produced.

The following decades saw the criticisms of gay films lessen considerably. The film industry, hence, became the modern-day film we know of today.

Currently, Netflix, a streaming platform for movies and shows have a few LBGT shows that its patrons love. Orange is a New Black has gay characters. Eastsiders, Queer Eye, and I Am The Ambassador are some of the Netflix LGBTQ shows that focus on gay characters.

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