A Cinematic Adventure of a Lifetime

Aside from having a great plot for the audience to relate to, films and TV series must also pay attention to its cinematography. Whether it is the director or the cinematographer, they know that they must capture smooth and fluid shots so that, when they put them together, they can tell a visual story that will draw the audience in. Immersed readers will leave the theaters truly satisfied with their viewing experience.

In this issue of Paperclips Magazine, we hope that you’ll learn just how much efforts are put into making visually stunning masterpieces. Providing a media that’s a feast for the eye is not a walk in the park, after all. Many shots and filming ideas are produced, scrutinized, and rejected during the pre-production phase. No matter what type of film it is, be it comedy, drama, action, adventure, horror, or thriller, the cinematography goes through multiple rounds of brainstorming and re-shooting. Great production teams will want no less than perfect shots. Moreover, they leave no stones – err, shots – unturned just to make sure that there are no mistakes that may ruin all the efforts they’ve put forth in making a film.

Of course, to make these perfect shots, the team pays attention to the kind of equipment, CG effects, and animation techniques currently available. Some of these will be vetoed while some will require further research on whether they can be used in the film or not. The entire process, just for the VFX alone, is tiring right from the get-go. However, despite the harrowing process, it will all be worth it once the film gets the critical acclaim it deserves.

With this month’s theme pegged at “visually stunning”, it is probably of no surprise that this issue will shine the spotlight onto the upcoming May film’s master-class cinematography. However, not because you are expecting it doesn’t mean there is no surprise left for you anymore. Peruse the pages of Paperclips Magazine #59. Get to know just how cinematographer Dan Laustsen and director Chad Stahelski captured the best action sequence in John Wick 3: Parabellum. Aside from the split-second quickdraws and judo throws, we also cover the VFX used in the monster battle royale of Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Jaw-dropping effects aren’t the only ones in the spotlight in this issue though. In fact, we also cover the controversy that bounds aplenty regarding the visuals of the adaptation of Disney’s classic, Aladdin. Somehow, issues such as the genie’s skin color, the cast’s appearance, and the likes pop out one after another even before the film premieres in theaters.

Will there be others? Of course! We are also proud to announce the comeback of the controversial coming-of-age YA novel adaptation, 13 Reasons Why, on Netflix. This is already its third season!

Now then, there is no need to wait. Flip the page and immerse yourself. Go on a cinematic adventure of a lifetime.


Lara Kaye