Even in a great Wilderness the birds of the air are taken care of. Great Love invites great tests with New Beginnings in life. Are you ready for the challenge? This book brings light into the fog of the mind and heart, and into the obscurity of history and the present. “Seeing, they do not see,” is a warning for all of us. Are you and I are being tested by hands beyond our world for our own good? Why now and why so much turmoil? Do the answers lie in the mysteries of the “Prophetic Generations” and “Wheels of Time,” or in a mysterious Fig Tree and the “Wilderness Experience?” Do they point to a deeper truth that we need to grasp before it is too late?

Thank you for your interest in this journey as you join me in a quest for answers to many divine footprints and signs in this time and age. There is a proverb that states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge him in all that you do, and he will make your path straight…” Are you willing to allow God to speak to you as never before? Just as God used Daniel and the Bethlehem Star to point to His first coming, does it not make sense that He will use Daniel’s prophecy and the stars to point to His 2nd Coming? Why, in the wilderness, did God command the tribes of Israel to align themselves into 4 groups of 3 tribes with the Levites encamped around the Tabernacle? Was there a purpose to having them align only along the four cardinal points? The Answer will Amaze you!

During the Mount of Olive discourse on the End of the Age, and right before going to the cross, why did Jesus focus on a mysterious Fig Tree lesson? And why have the answers to these “riddles” and mysteries alluded the theologian?

Five years ago, a friend and I, started a ministry called, “Answers on the Rock”, where we share the Gospel and give away free Bibles, Lemonade, Christian books, while answering tough questions. A new believer asked me to explain the Fig tree lessons, and as I did, God spoke to my heart the answer that my mind had not totally processed. I had to write it down as the Spirit of God motivated me to compose this book. My unique perspective and path have been that of an open-minded student of science & theology, artist & inventor, doctor/missionary, explorer/educator, and son of a diplomat. Here is an example of how common-sense military strategy, and not a deep knowledge of theology helped fashion one important answer. Theologians and Egyptian archaeologists tell us that the commander of the earth’s greatest Empire at that time, Egypt’s Pharaoh, chased the one-to three-million Israelites through the “Reed Lakes” just north of the Red Sea. First, you cannot drown an entire army in a shallow lake! But most importantly, no commander with swift chariots would chase his prey through a muddy lake when all that would be necessary, is to meet them on the other side and slay them there! The Israelites were on foot and loaded down with their possessions, families, and herds. So, are you ready for this journey into Truth, on a straight path to a deeper intimacy with God?

It is apparent that our world is twisting and turning in a major spiritual battle that is threatening every sector and landscape of the physical world. Nature, weather, and the earth are being affected. Just as Jerusalem is the center of controversy and division worldwide, Washington has become the vortex for a storm of hostility. Has a “Pandora’s box” of righteous judgment and curses been unleashed opening a door to fulfillment of God’s promises? We are seeing a reversal of fortunes, where the proud and arrogant are being humbled. Is this connected to the promise Jesus made related to the Fig Tree and “The Last Generation;” and what does the “Great Sign in the Stars” forebode? Are we part of this Last Generation and do the mysterious “Wheels of Time” point to a COSMIC CROSSROAD COUNTDOWN? Is our nation and the world being tested for the sake of the weak, the lost and the persecuted? This book will investigate the evidence bringing light into many dark areas.

The Crossroad is also made of many amazing “testimonies,” and “mysteries” such as “Lost Time,” America’s “great Solar Eclipse”, “The Dead Sea Scrolls,” and the rebirth of Israel, which are intended to open eyes, and like a shining diamond in a “dark background” to get the attention of the world. Will we learn from Noah’s time, when the scoffers perished, or will the wheel of time repeat itself creating drastic “New Beginnings?” Order this book at Barnes & Noble or Amazon: and the E-Book for $4! The book can also be viewed at CosmicCrossroadCountdown.com or ToGodBtheGlory.org: and please leave a review at all sites.

A Journey Worth Taking

As the son of a U.S. diplomat, Dr. Peter Hofmann grew up in many Third World countries. He holds a BA degree in Biology from Trinity University and a Doctorate from UT San Antonio Health Science Center. He is a student of Astronomy, Geology, Biology, the Bible, and Eschatology. On a weekly basis he teaches and ministers at a mission that he and his friend established called, “Answers on the Rock”. Sharing the Gospel and spreading Truth has been his source of inspiration for this book. For instance, when sharing the lesson of the Fig Tree to a new believer, the author found himself saying something from his heart that he had not yet realized in his own mind. Truth often comes as we struggle to discover answers to bigger and deeper questions giving God the Glory! Dr. Hofmann has journeyed to the four corners of the earth on missions and as a student to Antarctica. He enjoys talking about the miracles he has shared with indigenous Indian friends, noting that God reaches us when we get away from our safe zone. He has won acclaim for his oil painting and his multi-media experimental art. “Being a scientist and an artist is so fascinating and wonderful. Our imagination is a gift from God that allows us to see beyond the confines of the dogma of others.”

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