Lori, a romance novel about a young wife and mother in her twenties, who, after years of trying to keep an unhappy marriage together decides that the marriage is over.  A revelation given to Lori by a close friend incites the desire to fight for the freedom to find true love and happiness.

She loves her husband but believes that staying in an unhappy marriage is like being in prison.   As she contemplates her decision, she concerns herself with the happiness of her two young children.  How much will they suffer from a separation?  Will she be able to help them accept the change in their lives?  Should she permit her children and herself to continue living in a heartbreaking marital environment that has, and will continue to chip away at her heart, self-esteem, and trust?  Will this not affect them in a negative way?  Will this only invite them to follow in the same footsteps of their mother if she doesn’t muster the courage to start over?  How well would her children grow into happy, responsible adults who care enough about their lives to want to do right because their spirits are healthy with self-respect and the desire to live a good life with enough love within themselves to be able and willing to love and respect other people?  Lori believes that she and her children deserve a chance to have happier lives, but before things get better, the struggle of transformation proves to be a tough one.

Her husband, Brad, does everything he can to punish her for wanting her freedom from his constant lying and cheating.  He is too irresponsible to want to have a close relationship with their children.  Did Lori see this coming?  Could she believe he could be as selfish and self-centered as he turned out to be after the separation?  Could his parents be so spiteful that they were willing to buy lawyers and judges to prevent Lori from being able to have the security she needed?  Did they even care about the welfare of their grandchildren?

A Life After Separation: Beginning of the End or a New Beginning

Without the necessary resources to provide well enough for her children, she also had to deal with society being prejudiced towards her.  An attitude was drawn immediately against her simply for being what society referred to as a “divorced woman.”  What did women think, that she would want every man who lived in the neighborhood because she was now a lonely sex-starved individual?  The resentment and jealousy did not only manifest from her husband but many in her town that she lived in as well.

Because the story takes place in the seventies, there was a major transformation in our society.  We had the Vietnam war implementing rebelliousness in much of our younger people.  The hippy era began with the sexual revolution and the use of drugs.  Not only did Lori experience the upset in her personal life because of her marriage ending, but it was not what she was used to according to the way she was raised, and the way society was before the drastic change of our times.  She had to adjust to the new age.

Not being able to foresee how things would be after the break-up, the degree of devastation that she felt was unanticipated. This story takes you through her emotional experiences, good and the bad.  And exhibits the difference of how people feel toward a person who was once liked and respected, to being shunned and lied about.  How the position is for a woman compared to how it is for a man.

The importance of this novel is to make anyone who reads it to see that faith is a gift, and if we open our hearts to receive it, we can move mountains as long as we never give up.  We see that we are not alone, and with the love and power that lives in us we can overcome, and we can find the true love and happiness that we were motivated to seek through our dreams.


A Life After Separation: Beginning of the End or a New BeginningLori

By Dee Marconi

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Paperback: 280 pages

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN-10: 1532053894

ISBN-13: 978-1532053894


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