Articles: What’s News Is News is a unique book that includes a collage of many articles, stories, quips and quotes for the best and maximum entertainment during travel, long car rides, parties, a day of relaxed reading, book clubs, etc.

A masterfully curated piece which you will definitely find entertaining, informative, exciting, and revealing. Once you pick it up and start to read, your journey into the author’s unique world of journalism is one that you will not want to end.

“Articles: What’s News Is News” has messages for every reader. Each will be learning and entertained simultaneously with this book. It is a genre of its own being a literal art of collage of unique articles for entertainment. The reader will discover that immediately.

Articles: What's News Is News

Compiled and written by Stan-Joseph Jennings, the inspiration to write stems from having an inquisitive mind to do research and expression on issues that are important to be shared with others. The inspiration for “Articles: What’s News Is News” is a result of years of collecting unique stories, situations, news items, and entertaining conversation genre’s – compiled all into one book.

“Articles: What’s News Is News” meets a need in the market, which is great entertainment. the reader will learn, the reader will improve their outlook on life, the reader will reach out to others, the reader will improve relationships, learn new skills, and the reader will be educated.

About the Author

Stan-Joseph Jennings started writing for a local TV station while attending college. Many of his articles appeared in a Christian journal. Subsequent to accepting that appointment, the author worked for the Department of Defense all over the world in the Public Affairs Office as a liaison to military Base Commanders in the Philippines, Japan, Guam and Norfolk. After leaving the post, the author was a guest editor for a local newspaper in Ohio. The author now lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is active with a community task force and still writes.



Articles: What’s News Is News

by Stan-Joseph Jennings

Genre: Journalism & Non-Fiction

Publisher; iUniverse, Inc.

Paperback: 188 pages

ISBN-10: 0595343333

ISBN-13: 978-0595343331


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