Davidic Reformation:

As an Apostle of Divine Arts, I have a mandate to restore honor back to Judah. Many of us have become conditioned to the programs of Praise and Worship during our morning worship services. Unfortunately, many times we have focused on moving the crowd versus the cloud. We as the body are conditioned to set songs in the house or at least what is playing on our radio stations. Let me give you a key to unlock a proper and excellent worship experience from this day forward — Worship begins at home.

Once you have the type of relationship and intimacy with the Lord it should follow you in your day to day activities, and not just for Sunday service. We have set up our services without fully allowing the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit to move because we have our own programs. Our worship is conditioned and it is time to allow God to breathe afresh in our gatherings and worship Him in spirit and truth.

A Minstrel’s Heavenly Vision

Leadership: Honor vs. Dishonor:

Let me tell you that true honor belongs to God. He set the order for it but we seldom embrace the beauty of holiness in the honor factor. Leaders and those in leadership have recalibrated the meaning of it and it has morphed into loyalty, idolatry, and servitude. I’m sure you have heard leaders say they can’t be corrected. This is unscriptural and the sting of it has devastating consequences. This does not mean you blurt out or charge someone without seeking God in prayer about the issue first. We, as the Body of Christ, have to do better as we are all accountable for representing Christ correctly. It’s time out to have people who have a pure heart to serve God begin to make you their god. This hurts the church and it is the reason why there is a mass exodus occurring as you read. Since God is not a respecter of persons how do we exclude ourselves from situations or circumstances that He allows to grow us?


Running at the Sight of Danger:

As a preacher’s kid, I saw all kinds of gimmicks and operations in the church that showed me the set-up of the Saul/David systems. I was prayed into existence by a prayer and at age 5, I was graced to play any instrument without being taught. Pride and Haughtiness are two key players in the spiritual mafia known as the Saul System. Humility is the garment that will allow the pure flow and instruction of love to flow and operate through us. All things done by the Father is done with love. That is the catalyst to bring about the change to fulfill our role in worship. David loved God and was a man after his heart, therefore, we should follow suit. Knowing this will take us into the realms we desire to bless our soul and spirit.

A Minstrel’s Heavenly Vision

Send In the Minstrel:

Heaven is a perfect demonstration of worship. We were created to worship and that is what occurs in Heaven all the time. There is a clear distinction between a musician and a minstrel.  There are those that play what is rehearsed during the week and what is given on that morning or what is felt by a praise leader at the time. A minstrel is prophetic and literally translates what is heard from God and infuse it into the atmosphere. This isn’t a personal agenda but the Holy Spirit moving through that sound into the ear gates and ministering to the need of the individual or of the congregation. It causes time to elapse as we are suspended into a glory no time can be accounted for. A minstrel is a specialist sent by God for God to restore Judah in the midst of man-driven services.



The time is ripe, which is why I have chosen to publish this book. I have shared many thoughts and expressions to those who have published the material as their own. The distinction is that I have lived it and therefore I can tell it. There is no fear or backlash that I am concerned with. My heart’s desire is to share this timely truth so that we can bring about reformation. I will also be holding various gatherings, soaking sessions, governmental teachings to appeal to the heart of the arts. We need to bring Davidic Reformation so that we can align nations to be what God has caused them to be without apology.


About Jacques Cook:


Jacques Cook is a Born Again believer who has embraced his assignment on earth as an Apostle of Divine Arts, Prophetic Minstrel, Psalmist, and Reformer of Davidic Reformation in ministries throughout the world. While being faithful to the responsibilities to his Heavenly Father, Jacques is also a husband, a father, a business owner, and a professional musician.


A miracle answer to a prayer, Jacques Cook was born to fulfill a petition of his mother’s heart. At the mere age of 5, life did take on a different role as he received by grace the ability to play the keyboard and other instruments. Throughout his life and ministry experience, there have been favorable, tight, and situations, not one would understand.  As a result, Jacques experienced the world’s side of things doing things. He was big and bad enough until God got his complete attention. From that time on he became an example of a servant of God, a life he sought in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ -the way, the truth, and the life.


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