“A Mother Remembers” is a tribute to my son, a promising young Marine who gave his life for his country and the Corp. while on his 3rd tour in Iraq.  He was 28 yrs. old.   He was a Senior EOD Tech (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) with the Combat Logistics Battalion 13, 13th Meu out of Camp Pendleton, Ca.

As an EOD Tech, it was his job to neutralize and remove improvised explosive devices that the insurgents set to make the roads in Iraq safe for military patrols and civilian traffic.

My son was killed along with another Marine after responding to a report that additional IED’s were present at a site where an IED had already detonated.

In this memoir, I share the story of my son’s journey through life from a baby to a young boy into adolescences and into becoming a courageous Marine. I share the fond memories of his growing up from playing soccer, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and bull riding. His time on a Summer Swim Team in Georgia where he placed 3rd in the state for the Breast Stroke.  He was an all-around athlete and sports enthusiast.  He loved collecting Baseball and Hockey Cards.

I tell about his deployments from Okinawa, Japan to Helsinki, Finland to Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Iraq.

A Mother Remembers Bonnie Lou Schreiner

I tell of a mother’s worst nightmare when she gets that knock on the door.  The feelings I expressed and the anger I felt that God had not kept my son safe in the palm of His Hand. The goals I have strived to achieve to keep my sons memory alive and to make sure he is never forgotten. I mention the organizations that I have joined to honor and remember my son.

The memoirs I wrote were a way for me to remember the happy times, and express my feelings. It was very therapeutic and consoling to write. It was an opportunity to express feeling and thoughts and to express how proud I was of my son. A Hero.   It was an excellent way to deal with the sadness and heartbreak that comes when one loses a child.

“A Mother Remembers, Memoirs of a Fallen Hero” is my first book.

I was born in Rochester, New York. I was the 2nd oldest of four children. My sister was the oldest and I then had two younger brothers. I was a very shy little girl but I loved telling stories to my sister and cousin when spending the night at my grandparents or aunt and uncle. My grandpa uses to say that I was quite a storyteller.


More about Bonnie Lou Schreiner

 I graduated from Monroe Community College in Henrietta, New York with an AS Degree in Liberal Arts. I attended Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio where I took several classes in Business Math and Business Law. I took several accounting and computer classes at Florida Metropolitan University online courses in Tampa, Florida.

As an adult, I had a desire to write a children’s book.  This desire became a reality when I wrote “Toby’s Big Adventure”. A story about my beloved Shetland sheepdog Toby, which was published by Dorrance Publishing in October of 2018.

I was married when I was 20 yrs. old and had three sons. Stephen was my middle son. I have 7 grandsons ranging in age from 8 yrs. to 18yrs. I enjoy walks with my dogs, sewing, reading, and baking.

I am now retired and just enjoying a quiet leisure life.


Title: A Mother Remembers, Memoirs of A Fallen Hero

Author:  Bonnie Lou Schreiner

Genre: Biographies & Memoir

Publisher:  LifeRich Publishing

Paperback:  91 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4897-1757-3 (softcover)

ISBN: 978-1-4897-1756-6 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-1-4897-1756-0 (ebook)

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