The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, was established in 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a division of the executive branch of the United States Government. The civilian independent agency would be responsible for, and encourage the development of peaceful space and aeronautical of many past asteroid collisions with the Earth and the devastating effect any future impact may pose. After years of examination it was concluded that more than a dozen huge asteroid collisions have struck Earth since its creation. Using their best estimate these strikes could have taken place from as little as 35 million years ago to as long as 250 million years ago. Because the radiometric age of the asteroid and its effect on the site are both unknown the epic time estimates are highly unreliable, speculative and unsubstantiated and have little more veracity than that of a good guess. What is factual, evident by the still existing craters, is that the collisions did take place, and had a devastating affect on the planet. At the time of the collisions, mankind, “if it even existed, lacked the technology to predict, record, or adequately defend itself from their dire consequence.

It was only through God’s good grace that the Earth and some of its overly abundant plant and animal life were able to survive and rebound from the decade’s long, sun blocking cosmic dust storms and ensuing nuclear winter created by the aftermath of these massive collisions. Today, the factual possibility of a future asteroid/Earth collision is very real and ominously looms heavy over mankind’s existence. Currently NASA is closely watching as many as three huge space rocks on a possible course to collide with the Earth in as little as 500 years from today. Will man have the technology to avoid the impending devastation? Using a nuclear explosion on an approaching asteroid has already been ruled out and currently no tested means of destroying or deflecting an asteroid strike to Earth exists. NASA is so concerned that it is planning, as early as next year, to send an unmanned space prove to take samples from these asteroids so we may know exactly what is heading toward us.


Possibly 500 years into our future we may have the technology means to avoid a dire doomsday collision. Having turned its back on God, mankind will have to rely on its own means to do so. Since we are unable to destroy or deflect the asteroid, to save the Earth we must move the Earth. Herein lays the premise of the novel: “In the Beginning, what really happened?”. When the powers to be of the oppressive, Utopian, One World Society of the 26th century learn of a rapidly approaching doomsday asteroid collision they look to their upper class of genetically enhanced “Thinkers” for a solution. As with all the future’s populous, the Thinkers are a product of several generations of a genetically perfected human genome. This genetic engineering has left the future’s people immune from all disease or deformity. Only the brightest and best of that populous are tested and chosen early in life to become Thinkers and indoctrinated into a regimented highly specialized education process.

The tyrannical One World Society, having survived nearly a century of an apocalyptic war between good and evil has banned the belief in God and religion. A free will to choose the direction of one’s life, personal wealth, money or any barter system has been eliminated. All the needs of a qualified citizen are equally supplied by the oppressive new social order. Marriage is rare and highly controlled as is the emotionless procreation process via test tube conception. Although love and emotions have been banned and severe determinants imposed it still lingers in some of the least recessive A- sexual humans. For the greater good of the Society the remaining masses of the people go about their worry free, impassive lives performing their mandated daily duties in exchange for their Society supplied nutritional needs and housing. The Thinkers quickly undertook the asteroid’s doomsday dilemma presented to them. Very soon it was determined to use a newly developed time travel procedure, to send back in time, several specifically equipped teams of Thinkers to the Biblical period of Genesis to strategically place massive weights around the planet to create an adequate amount of an annual, elliptical, imbalance, to modify Earth’s orbit enough over many millenniums to avoid the impending existence ending asteroid streaking toward Earth.


The time trip far into Earth’s past and what the time travelers find and are able to construct makes for an interesting read and provides plausible explanations for many of the ancient world’s mysterious and biblical wonders. It solves many other quandaries of the Earth’s earliest civilizations that include the aged old mysteries of Pangea, Atlantis, The Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Nazca lines, the Great Flood, and Noah’s Ark. When a forbidden love affair between two of the time travelers produces a prohibited progeny, it is secretly left in the past to avoid its termination by the future’s tyrannical edicts. Returning to the future the time traveling teams find their mission to save the planet has initially been an overwhelming success as the asteroid has harmlessly bypassed the Earth. Weeks later an unknown paradox washes over the populous. Half the population of their time is mutating into gnome like, alien looking altered humans. It is discovered that these mutations were caused when the genetically perfected genes of the time traveler’s illicit progeny are mixed through procreation, with the ancient genes of the past and a genetically altered human was created. Passed down through dozens of offspring these mutant genes are mixed, altered and multiply over the millenniums. These altered genes, positive and negatively charged, affect their carriers over the centuries and are responsible for not only human genius, but also human depravity, mental retardation, deficiencies and disease, including autism and cancer.

After careful consideration the Thinkers propose additional time travel trips back to the decade directly after the initial use of atomic bombs, which cause the mutant gene to deeply embed itself into its carrier’s DNA and make it impossible to retrieve. Sightings of their crafts, an erroneous crash in Roswell New Mexico, and reports of their abductions create the 1950’s space saucer hysteria. The book opens in 1960 and revolves around a young lad, who is abducted by these time travelers on their mission. When the extraction process to remove the mutant gene from the young boy unleashes his previously retarded genius, the young prodigy proposes and convinces his abductors of an ingenious solution to avoid the future genetic alterations. The solution can’t be put into use until the young boy grows to manhood. The intriguing coming of age tale involves those ten years in the backdrop of the turbulent 1960’s and follows the young genius through his formative years, to a scholarship to MIT, and then to Vietnam after college deferments have been voided. The book is full of surprises, moving memories, and is a delight to all, especially to the baby boom generation.