I’m glad for this opportunity to express my great satisfaction and joy over what God has built into my life; not just for myself, but mainly, I am so happy because I know He has given me keys for the Body of Christ and for any groups of people, for marriages. etc. to be able to come into heart-felt Unity. These groups can include nations, corporations, and governmental agencies— all who desire to live in righteousness, peace, and joy, and the key to this true Unity is LOVE!! And this LOVE is POWER to succeed.

Now in my 49th year of walking with God and living in His Ways, I am finding myself overjoyed at all that I am reaping in my life. Like God’s word has promised to those who walk uprightly, my path is getting brighter and brighter, my joy is overflowing, His peace is leading me continually, my heart is bursting with God’s love for me and His love is flowing through me to others. It’s the continual feast God has promised to those who serve Him with a joyful heart!

It is necessary to understand however, that all these wonderful promises of blessings only come to those who walk in His Ways, which means dying to Self and to those who Learn to Love.
Love must become our nature.

For this to happen means we need to know what the Lord requires in His Word, and then we must obey it and walk it out in our own lives and not just keep it as knowledge in our minds or as notes for the purpose of teaching others. There must be fruit.

The Lord told me that every commandment in His Word, if obeyed, is designed to kill a certain part of our sin nature— the ego, selfishness, pride, rebellion, stubbornness, and every other evil in us that keeps us from love. Only by living His Word can we “know the truth” that can set us free. And although the Dying Process can be very unpleasant and painful, we need to see it like it’s a surgery that removes the infection or disease so we can know the wholeness, the joy, and freedom Christ purchased for us. He Himself will be our new life when we’re willing for Him to remove US out of the way. I like what the Lord told someone, “You must disappear so I can appear.”— and how glorious is that appearing!


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Dorothy Lee has been a totally committed disciple of the Lord Jesus for over 45 years. Although she attended a Bible College for several years, the Lord redirected her into the school of the Holy Spirit, where He began to teach and lead her each step of the way from then on. Through many fiery trials, He taught her His ways, which caused her to die to herself and become an overcomer in life.

During these years of “schooling”, the Lord used Dorothy as an intercession/worship leader and Bible College teacher, all the while mentoring others who were really hungry to walk with God and to be changed into the image of the Son.

In the 80’s, Dorothy accepted the apostolic mantle. Since that time, the Lord has been training her toward that end. She was ordained a pastor in 1998 and founded “His Magnificence Christian Ministries,” an apostolic/prophetic ministry. She now functions mostly as a Teaching Apostle of Holiness. The Lord’s affirmation came to her in a personal encounter, when He told her she had “raised a holy Priesthood” and “Now, Zion is restored.”

Two particular areas of ministry have always been emphasized to her by the Lord. She is called to impart her revelation knowledge to help deliver and prepare women for ministry, and to teach leaders in the business, government, and church world, God’s ways.

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