I have written this LGBTQ book entitled Veronica’s Challenge. There might be a little part of me in there but it’s fiction. It is a short love story about a young woman named Veronica Pendleton, who travels back home to find solace, if not to run away from, out of all the problems life is throwing onto her.

Veronica is working in an aquarium, training dolphins and sea lions. She is engaged to a millionaire named Trevor, but when an accident in the aquarium happened, she decided not to see him for good. On her journey for finding the right place to live a blind life, she met a nurse named Tess, who helped her learn what blind people need to learn in order to survive. Veronica got a dog and Tess welcomed them into her house to help take care of her. Tess changed her life and Veronica finally found the right place for her.

I was in foster care and I started writing when I was young but I stopped and got into writing again in my 30s. I did write a poem but I lost it and couldn’t remember how it was done or how I should write it again. It’s about an angel. Now, I would just write things down on my day work; I think of a story and I write it down. I have other stories that weren’t published yet.

When I wrote the Veronica’s Challenge, what I had in my mind was to let people know that people are different; nobody’s the same, anyway. People are different. You can make friends with any sort of person you know: Black, White, Gay, Asian, Lesbian. After all, what matters most is how we make something good for each other— how we feel, cheer, love, and support each other up. Just like trying to get people to get along better.



My name is Dottie Henderson. I am single and a Lesbian. I am from Rhode Island originally. I moved to New Hampshire over five years ago with my ex-wife, Dawn, and eventually moved to New Jersey. I have two cats, Jeter, 6 years old and Zoey who is 8 years old. I love writing about different things and different people. My inspiration comes from family, especially from my niece, Kimberly and my sister, Jackie, who I spent time with during my life in Rhode Island.

Unique and fun, Veronica’s Challenge will surely be worth your time. It is now available at Amazon.com and The Little BOHO Bookshop.
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