A young girl became a woman all too soon in her life. She was influenced by a man much older than her. She had a baby. In the relationship she was abused. She developed a personal relationship with God in order to save her life and the life of her children. God brought her out of the situation that was destroying her and brought her into a place of total happiness.

And the young-girl-became-woman was none other than… me.

It is not my desire for the deep personal trials in my life to be known, however, I must obey God. If I can help somebody as I pass alone this life, then my living will not have been in vain. I feel the book can go further than I can travel in helping God’s people. From the Good times to the Worst of times, that brought me to the Best times of my life. (I had a great childhood but the power of persuasion was not worth the price I paid.)

In the worst of times, being married so young my dreams were altered. My life took a completely different course from what my parents had laid out for me. That mistake cost me almost twenty years of my life. The best of times is the place in my life that God brought me to. Thank God for grace and mercy. Just know if you put your trust in God, you will make it but you must trust Him wholeheartedly and completely. He will work for you, then and only then can your life be what it was destined to be.

A Way to Pay Homage to God

This is my first experience writing a book or anything to be published for that matter. I feel I have been inspired by God to write this book in the way it is written in order that other woman might know they are not alone in the things they are going through. When I decided to yield my will to God’s will, the book was born and is now to be offered up, lettings others know there is a way out of any situation. My prayer is for God’s blessings upon the book that it may help others in Jesus Name.

My purpose in sharing this information is to be able to help some young girl, or woman to realize life can cause you to travel some paths you never envisioned even in your wildest dream. However, you can make it because you are not alone. At the time you feel alone, Jesus is right there to guide you. Remember the foot prints in the sand?

Allow Jesus to carry you out of darkness and into His marvelous light.

To God be the Glory!

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