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For those who seek to understand the Bible, 100 Full Gospel Bible Stories provides that explanation in a profound and entertaining manner. The timeless story of Good vs evil is delivered from numerous aspects of insight. This book will bless its readers with knowledge of the grace of Jesus Christ.

In 2012 I learned how to properly write poetry from “The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking The Poet Within” by Stephen Fry (British Actor). Immediately I got the idea to create poetic sermons based on my pastor’s teachings and sermons; Pastor Jack Sipe Sr. of Faith Outreach Church in Middletown, PA. The Holy Spirit helps me write. Frequently He puts the perfect words or phrases in my head and I quickly type them, knowing I will keep them. Since 2012 I have been paying close attention to Pastor Jack’s sermons, taking notes and studying the Bible. Every poetic sermon is approved by Pastor Jack for accuracy. As I learn more and more about Jesus, from multiple angles of insight, I want to convey what I have learned in a way that teaches while it entertains. The poetic formatting is an enjoyable challenge for me. In 2002 I survived a major motor vehicle accident when a tractor-trailer truck cut right in front of me on the highway at close range.


The wind current he created sent my car swerving out of control and my car flipped over several times across a huge grassy median until it landed on its side in the slow lane of the opposing two lanes of traffic. Someone came to help me and I asked him to get my 2-year-old daughter Anja out of the back seat. I climbed out of my car with barely a scratch. Then while I was standing on the side of the road gawking at my car, in shock, an old Cadillac came flying over the hill and hit me and knocked me some 50 feet, just short of a row of trees. Both of my legs were broken. I also sustained a concussion and a shoulder fracture. Someone pulled my tongue out of my throat. After surgical repair to my legs, I was transported by ambulance from Georgia back to Pennsylvania where I was off work for the next five months. My life was never the same after that. I knew the Lord spared me for a purpose. Already familiar with praying in tongues, I began praying in tongues many hours a day for several years. I read the book “Practicing His Presence” and related to Frank Laubach. His practice of keeping his mind focused on the Lord at all times brought him the same results as praying in tongues did for me. It has been a long journey of maturity and learning to trust the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

Currently, I work at Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in the Driver Licensing Center. Included is a picture of my wonderful coworkers, taken on the day the young lady in the middle came to give a speech about being an organ donor. She was the recipient of a heart when she was young. Liberty University is my online school and my major is a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry.


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