By Pauline Schiappa

Author of Phenomena & Noumena & Finding Answers in History! Religion! Science!


“Phenomena & Noumena” and “Finding Answers In History! Religion! Science!” are written after a great deal of contemplation from the observation of contemporary human condition by the author who has degrees in history, philosophy, and psychology.



For the sake of contemplation let us define the concept of Morality, as a possible physical manifestation in human behavior manifested as virtuous righteousness. All three words, “morality,” “virtuous,” and “righteousness,” exist empirically as squiggle words symbolizing human thought. All three words exist as squiggles on a page or as sound heard. Existing as squiggles on a page or sound heard, these three words, of and by themselves, merely hold a dictionary definition. Dictionaries are rarely read as Great Works!

Within scientific fact, within metaphysical speculation, within physical reality of socially aware meaningful convention of language, words on a page or sound heard mean nothing until bestowed upon meaning by both the speaker and the listener. Which two meanings are not ever the same two meanings due to earthly human thought quality of social awareness as idiosyncratic perceptions, idiosyncratic impressions, idiosyncratic opinions.

These two books suggest that learning is the origin of behavior. Human processes the reality by learning about it. Can an individual learn morality? Can an individual learn virtuous righteousness? Can an individual behave reasonably with virtuous righteousness? Reason would tell that virtue is something acquired, “if it is, to become regarded (perceived) as a behavioral habit. Both good and bad habits are learned (acquired). How?

Phenomena & Noumena

Reason exists as a concept in human Mind Life. In human Mind, Life reason exists as a very high degree of metaphysical awareness. Metaphysical awareness demands to acquire understanding of conceptual awareness. Earthly human would need to acknowledge to himself that he, indeed, holds metaphysical awareness, that he understands the meaning of concepts of reason, morality, virtue, righteous behavior. In earthly reality, most earthly humans meme social behaviors. Earthly humans, as they process earthly reality, become very socially aware. Earthly humans learn to meme social behaviors.

Do earthly humans contemplate any mentally operational intention, any mentally operational motivation, in cognitive order, to self-responsibly, autonomously self-direct human behaviors? Does earthly human process earthly reality autonomously after he learns earthly reality’s social behaviors? Does earthly human self-responsibly, autonomously self-direct earthly behaviors bestow upon social behaviors the concepts of reason, morality, virtue, righteousness? Concepts of reason, morality, virtue, righteousness exist in human Mind Life as metaphysical awareness. Metaphysical awareness concepts must be motivationally and intentionally, mentally operationally bestowed upon social behaviors. How does earthly human perform such miracles when earthly human merely learns to process earthly reality by social method of “meme” social behaviors? Can “meme” be regarded as learning?

“What is it that perceives or recognizes meaning? The physical organ brain! What is it that might bring forth a qualification that the behavior was virtuously righteous – a physical body sense experience processed by the human brain in social order to satisfy immediate psychological, social, or animalistic desires? Can earthly human acknowledge a mindful conscious awareness? Can earthly human be consciously aware of metaphysical awareness of concepts held in human Mind Life that come to use metaphysical awareness of knowledge in cognitive order to bestow a metaphysical quality to earthly reality of social behaviors before earthly human behaves? Metaphysical awareness of conscience never requires earthly human to have second thoughts. Within conscience, there exists no ambiguous meaning.

Phenomena & Noumena

These two books suggest to contemporary earthly human that contemporary earthly human perceives no farther than his social awareness of himself. Contemporary social human never contemplates either human Mind Life nor Human Nature conscience.

All of the philosophic speculations, all of the empirical speculations, all of the social scientific paradigms, all of the experimental scientific paradigms presented within these two books were all searching for the answer to the everlasting question: “How does earthly human come to know how to process earthly reality sufficiently and significantly?

No one has yet been able to answer this question neither governments nor religion nor socially aware self. Earthly humans tend to perceive, form impressions and opinions, of a socio-political contemporary earthly reality. Contemporary social humans remain themselves within present socio-political earthly reality acculturation. Yet, remarkably, no two earthly humans will perceive, hold impression, hold opinion of earthly reality doings the same. Furthermore, earthly social humans have become quite intolerant of dissension, never contemplating how to resolve socio-political contradictions. Contemporary earthly reality became a vast phenomenon because of earthly social human differing degrees of perceptions, impressions, and opinions of what this earthly reality is.”

The author’s Mind Life compelled her to attempt the discovery of truth. Where can earthly human find truth? Certainly not within contradictory. disagreeable, absurd earthly social reality. The author has written twelve books attempting the discovery of truth. The books are: Any Possibility of Goodness, How Does Man Come to know, Myth! Religion! Science! Earth’s Timeline BC, Language and Behavior, Acts of Speech and Acts of Knowledge which contains an extensive glossary of terms in order for the reader to conceive the meanings intended as a quality of conceptual knowledge, Metaphysical Mind, Missing the Mysterious, Process and Possibility Can Democracy Work, Phenomena & Noumena, Finding Answers in History! Religion Science! Only the last two books have been published. However, all of the books support search for truth within the Intellectual Eye of the author.


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