Hello, everyone, my name is Samuel Moton a.k.a Dr. Author Dynamight Abdur Razzaq, and I am the author of Lady Diane’s Address and the founder of drauthor.org, which is a broadcast from the top of the chocolate Milky Way (Chocolate City) where sequences and episodes are combined to bring every participant a grand experience.

Lady Diane’s Address will be by far one of the greatest stories that you will ever read— meaning, these sequences and episodes are of a superlative nature and are a special design to educate and entertain. For those who are able to decipher this great story and take it to mind and heart will without question be on another level once the contents take root in the soil of their soul. This superlative entertainment and education can only be equated with itself, meaning, that Lady Diane’s Address is in a class all by itself and sets the precedence for change and reform. If ever there was a time that we all needed to be reminded of the human reality and our freedom is now, meaning our human reality must be at the forefront of all agendas and this can only happen with a clear perception and pure knowledge. We are not an uncontrolled species without purpose, and we will all be held accountable for what we know and do.

Samuel Moton

Our freedom is slightly tainted in this democracy, meaning that as long as you are being deluded by the norm and misappropriating your human purpose and making no waves against the evil rule of this evil empire and those abroad, then you are allowed to have the freedom that they have designed for you. The thing to remember is that there is a greater freedom outside the one we enjoy, whatever country you live in… the bottom line is that you can only give freedom to yourself, meaning that you must direct your will to righteousness. Governments and local leaders in this country and around the world have failed their citizens with their secular laws that have become legislation for its occupants, meaning everytime you pass a law and it does not benefit the people as a whole then this is a failure for that entire society. In many countries today, the laws only benefit the rich and powerful, there is some legislation for the common people, and they are just words on a piece of paper that changes nothing. Governments around the world— their inability to lead properly and discern the reality of the real— have left the world’s economy in shame, and the human perception and nature off of its true path.

This global negligence and mismanagement of trillions and trillions of dollars by leading world banks and local officials are totally unacceptable (this was referring to the meltdown of 2008 having to do with some misappropriation of real estate in Ireland that caused an international banking collapse worth over a hundred billion dollars). Will things get better before they get worse? People, that is your call with the intelligence, imagination, and discernment that has been given to you by the Great God of the universe. Lady Diane’s Address couldn’t have come at a better time. Human beings all over the world are looking for a solution to their problems or a spark that might lead them in the right direction. In this thriller you will be dazzled, elated, educated, entertained and funked (taken outside of the norm), but most of all your reading thirst will be quenched like it never has before. Is Lady Diane’s Address the solutions to the world’s problems? Absolutely not, but the rhetoric that is conveyed time and time again by this young dynamite sensation will most certainly raise the level of consciousness of any reader, and will have you contemplating your reality as a whole.

Samuel Moton

This great story is about change and reform, triumph, resilience, love, dedication, education and has a happy ending. The characters in this great story are extraordinary and the spark that would take them out of their primitive stagnated state is of course Lady Diane, so that they could unfold as the bud unfolds to show the flower and help in reshaping a corrupt Harlem after years and years of despondency, and fear caused by unregenerate men in power, with evil agendas set on enslaving and controlling the masses of the people with governmental legislation, and schemes set in motion behind closed doors to help cripple any stability or fortitude that might give the residents of Harlem their equilibrium and human balance. Many people ask me how was I able to write such a grand story and it was my first from scratch, I simply respond I’m not just an author but a Dr. Author, and I am the only one that exists. I mean no disrespect to those who have spent years and years in college earning their doctoral degree and to have this title means that you are of the professional elite.

My title was given to me in Booktropolis by three doctors of law, who after reading Lady Diane’s Address and my other six books that I wrote in their matrix, reached a conclusion that I was nothing more than a Dr. Author and that my style of writing was nothing more than a prescription for those who suffer from a medical condition call IBC. This is a psychological condition that prohibits an individual from maintaining their mental balance, because the chemical in these subjects, limbic system, lay dormant due to lack of pure entertainment, and the only way that they can be released is to be stimulated through a methodology called psychotherapeutic reading. There is no cure for IBC but it can be treated, so you see I’m no longer just writing books, but prescriptions also— Boom! Now for those who do not suffer from this condition, I am just going to blow your whole mind…

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