BOOK I & II the Old Testament:
Many people have made attempts to read the Bible but could not understand it. It is nebulous in many places and to some — the story line seems to go in different directions and therefore is hard to follow.

The Holy Scriptures also has duplications of certain books which the average reader does not know about and they are confused by this. Example: I and II Kings were written by prophets, and I & II Chronicles is the same story, but was written by scribes. Each account has a different perspective on the same story.

There are many questions that people have always wondered about. Some of them are:

1. Was there ever a prehistoric man?
2. What was the first sin used by Satan that he still uses today?
3. Did you know there are only 3 sins in the world? What are they?
4. Who did Cain marry? (the son of Adam and Eve).
5. What was the REAL reason the Israelites had to wander in the wilderness for forty years?
6. What kind of fish swallowed Jonah? How was he able to live in the belly of a big fish?
7. How was Noah able to take care of many animals, fish and birds on the ark? What about roaches, flies and fleas? What about whales and sharks? What races and lineages descended from the only eight people known to be alive after the flood?

All of these questions are addressed in Book I and II. ALPHA OMEGA is written in plain English, in chronological order, and at the end of each chapter, there is an explanation of certain issues and doctrines that are in that chapter.

Alpha Omega: The Beginning and the End

ALPHA OMEGA deals with genealogies as well. Whose lineage began with Adam and continues to the end of the Bible? Did you know there were murderers, adulterers, fornicators, liars, idolaters and prostitutes in the linage of Christ, yet He was without sin? ALPHA OMEGA explains how and what miracles occurred and why some of them were not all that mysterious. Example: Raising the dead to life again; Peter finding a coin in the mouth of a fish that Jesus directed him to. The premise of ALPHA OMEGA is built on certain doctrines. Some are, the Gap Theory, The Dispensations, that Jesus is the way to Salvation, that salvation is by grace through faith; Salvation is not earned by works and deeds. (Ephesians 2:8,9; 1 Corinthians 15:3-4)”.

It also explains why bad things happen to good people, an issue that many people have never understood. ALPHA OMEGA follows the premises of Abraham’s Bosom and Paradise, subjects that are rarely if ever addressed in the pulpit of churches. If Jesus is the way of salvation, what happens to the uninformed who never heard of the Bible or of Jesus? There are billions of people who fall into that category. Will a loving God condemn them to an eternal fire because of what they never knew?

Further, ALPHA OMEGA offers inspiration and explains many things about the Christian life and terminology, such as: What is the Atonement? What is Justification, Sanctification? What is the rapture of the church? What church is the true church it is not a denomination. It gives the list of all the kings and the dates of their reign and what prophets coincided with their tenure. It tells of the three Jewish Temples, when two of them were built and destroyed and when the third one will be built.

When a person reads ALPHA OMEGA, they will have a solid command of the Bible and Christianity and, in some cases, may know more about the Bible than many theologians and preachers. This book took four years to research and write. It was edited by trusted and qualified people who examined the book for accuracy. Doctrines: It has been said, that if ten people read a certain doctrine, five of them will have a different opinion of what that doctrine means. That is okay and is understandable as long as the BASIC doctrines are left intact. (See the verses already mentioned, and also Romans 3:23 and 3:10; and John 10:9).

ALPHA OMEGA shows why one can believe the entire Bible to be true and without error.

Alpha Omega: The Beginning and the End

BOOK III: The New Testament and Histories:
1. What was the first miracle performed by Jesus? What was his last?
2. Jesus said He would be in His grave for three days and three nights. At Easter, why can we not calculate that time from “Good Friday to “Resurrection Sunday? Is there an alternative way to compute this?
3. Is Hell real? If so, what is Hell and Hades and why are they different places?
4. Is heaven real? What kind of place is it really? Why do some people think EVERYONE are children of God and will go to heaven? What about the young and mentally ill?
5. Where did Jesus go after His resurrection? How many people saw Him alive again? How long
was He on earth? Where did He go after that? Where is He now and will He come back to Earth again? Who really killed Jesus. What did you have to do with his death?
6. Why didn’t the Jews accept Jesus as their long-awaited Messiah?
7. What is the end of time prophecies about? How can we know when that time is coming?

(Why do a majority of theologians believe that time is near.) Who is the anti-Christ and what will be his purpose? What is the Millennium? What is the New Jerusalem? Not only does ALPHA OMEGA address those questions, Book it does not stop at the end of the New Testament, but continues on to give a brief history of Christianity, of Israel and of Jerusalem (all, important components of our faith).

When was Jesus actually born? Why do we celebrate his birth on December 25? Did the Wise Men (the Magi) visit baby Jesus in the manger? Why did King Herod command that all Hebrew babies, two years and under, be put to death?

If you have always wanted to know the truth about all that the Bible says, ALPHA OMEGA is a book you must read. ALPHA OMEGA makes no attempt to take the place of the Holy Scripture, but merely offers a commentary to explain it. It also explains the way to salvation and that salvation is offered to all people.
No one is too sinful to be saved. NO ONE. (Luke 5:31). But it does require an action. ALPHA OMEGA will lead the read

Rob Ray Taylor / Interpretive Author