Amanda the Panda is a children’s book about a lonely panda bear living a life of captivity in a zoo. How she wishes she wasn’t alone. Amanda feels like she is just a display for all the visitors who come to the zoo. One day, a little girl named Sandra came to the zoo with her class. Sandra is a lonely child and noticed that Amanda is lonely also. They became friends and together formed a powerful bond that enriched both their lives. They became happier by sharing their feelings.

This book helps children see that they are not alone. It can also help them realize that they are not powerless in a world run by adults. They are capable of making changes to enrich their lives and the lives of others better.


One of the main themes of Amanda the Panda is the importance of friendship. Without friendship, there is loneliness and isolation. This is a strong message that hopefully will resonate with children and parents alike. After reading this book, parents and educators have the opportunity to discuss these issues and help children to better understand their own feelings and the feelings of others. It is important for parents and teachers to help cultivate empathy and appreciation of diversity and difference.

Children will enjoy having this book in their collection. The illustrations are crisp and realistic. They capture the imagination of readers and non-readers alike. The words have an easy flowing rhyme and a sense of rhythm that help hold children’s attention.

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