Through the hundreds of years on the planet of Boldlygo, Dorn has taken many journeys. Like his father Ira, Dorn journeys to several planets. The big blue planet called Earth was one planet he despised. It was because of wars and corruption. It always seemed to fall back on Dorn to rescue someone or to carry someone back to Earth.
In this book, Staff of Ira: The Journeys of Dorn, Part 2, Dorn will take a final journey. He throughout the years was always promised after each journey he could return to his home world to live his life, to Leah, Dorn’s love of a lifetime. That An Epilogue to an Epic Interstellar Saga

An Epilogue to an Epic Interstellar Saga
The Staff of Ira: The Journeys of Dorn, Part 2
was all he really wanted to do. Dorn fell in love with a human female. In this conclusive journey, he was on a journey to rescue Tyler leaving Leah behind once again. Dorn will travel to Earth to rescue Tyler. Several attempts will be made to stop Dorn in his journey across planets. Little does anyone know Tressa, Dorn’s granddaughter, and Kira the Queens Daughter, will find their powers. The series of escalating events will have a huge impact on Dorn’s journey.
This is a good book. I think all the books I have written are good. There is one last book in this saga yet to come, in The Staff of Ira. I do have plans to write more. I am a science fiction writer, or some might call me a sci-fi nut. I, like thousands, believe there is something out there, if not… what a lot of empty space.
I hope if you purchase my writing you will see they are from the mind of a science fiction writer. I trust that you will enjoy reading them as much as I did writing.

About the Author

Carl Sheffield was born in December 1949. I am a son of a sharecropper, a cotton farmer. I was no different from other farmers sons. I could not wait to leave the farm. I joined the army at the age of 17 and was trained in Fort Benning, Ga. Fort Polk L.A. Washington State. Severed in bear cat Vietnam. I made my Sargent stripes very quickly. Returning home, I drove a truck for several years retired and owned a restaurant. I now reside in Rome, Georgia.


An Epilogue to an Epic Interstellar Saga

The Staff of Ira: The Journeys of Dorn, Part 2By Carl Sheffield

Genre: Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

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