Angelic and God War is a fantasy genre about a war that happened long ago with the ancient angels and gods vs evil ones of there kinds from taking over and destroying all good that’s in the world. The battle takes place in an enchanted place that is two worlds basically representing good and evil. The tree represents the center of the two worlds representing that image. Both armies of good and evil fall unfortunately causing all to perish. Which then Angleic and God War got its name from that battle of being the first battle ever to take place in the world. Then God had created and placed other beings of angels and gods and giving them powers of nature to help ward off any evil that lurk or threatened the world.

Angelic and God War

Book 1: The Saving of a World – In a sand city called Keyhanntol which is in a safari, resided two angels: Sunlare, who is a golden angel with the power of the sun and has a sun shaped sword that lets her control the suns settings and burn her enemies without touching them. Moonlore is a white angel who has a moon shaped sword that can control the movement of the moon and as well can stick her sword in the ground and cause an intense white light that sparkles and blinds her enemies and stings them til they can no longer breathe. Both get word from there master Zinc, who is an aquamarine god who has a water wave shaped sword that allows him to shoot water from his sword plus form huge waves to wipe out his enemies. As well he can see the future but only bits of it, not the entire future. He informs them that there are other beings which include a god called Rosepoison and his other angels Fireflame, Cloudthunder, and Plantvara. Who are all capturing innocent angels and gods and turning them evil and killing others who resist from staring another Angelic and God War that was done in the ancient times of there people. Sunlare and Moonlore agree to go and stop this evil plot from happening to there people before its to late. Along the way they meet other gods who decide to help them rid of Rosepoison and his angels from doing more harm. But will this cost their lives or not.

Book 2: The Deadly Crown- Zinc once again has a vision that comes to him of three evil villains that wanna kill the Princess Oceanshell of OceanCravelCastle, from becoming the rightful heir to the throne after her father King Ovin passed away. So Sunlare, Moonlore, Iceloom, Starwise, Zinc, and a suprising guest all go to OceanCravelCastle to protect the future queen from theses beings that want to end her and becoming a symbol of hope to the kingdom. Only half the picture is painted for Zinc believes there’s more to this than meets eye and that other terrible things are about to follow, for what he does not know what that could be.

My writing techniques would be that I write all my ideas down in the notebook/binder folder. Once I have what I want written down then I take that to the computer and start typing away and then it even becomes more alive as writing the story comes along. As far as it being similar it has the same themes I think just like in any fantasy story out there such as: bravery, love, good, evil, triumph, action, fantastic imagery, fight for what you believe is right, and as well the arc of characters whether they do change for the better, or worse depending on the outcome of the story. Its different because this is a fantasy story that deals with the ideas of angels and I think that’s really never been done before and it’s a unique way of looking at it and the world being a very dream like in the sense.

Angelic and God War

My inspirations were books such as: The lord of the rings, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. I love the human story and what they bring to those worlds and the themes as well. That’s what lead me to write my own stories and create a fantasy world which I think is unique and beautiful its self. The message I would want people to take away from these books that is always believe in yourself even when at times you may not. That no matter how bad things get in this world always stay true to yourself. Fight for the greater good and never let evil overpower that spirit. And always stand up for what is right. I think readers should buy these books because it’s a fantasy- dream world that will take you on a wild ride, as well as it’s a fantasy in which I think people have never read before. You really explore a fantastic journey and all sorts of beauty with the imagery, characters, action, heroes, villains and will keep you wanting to read more and find out what happens next. Currently working on a third book in the series at the moment.

Shane H Proffitt grew up in a small town called Anaconda, MT. Writing his first book when he was 15 years old in the summer of August of 2006. Inspirations for writing his book were works such as: The Chronicles of Narnia and Alice in Wonderland. How the imagination runs wild within theses fantasy worlds and was drawn to that. Authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll, and J.K. Rowling wrote beautiful fantasy worlds with so much heart and human emotion. That’s how his story came about and wanted to know what else would happen right after writing the first chapter and so forth. He wrote it in the sense to remember what it was like to be a kid and remembering the messages behind theses fantastic stories growing up with. His hobbies are writing, Enjoying family time and spending it with friends. He lives in Boise, ID.