The 91st Oscars has a lot of the good stuff in their categories this year. Aside from the amazing nominees from different groups, the winners that snagged their awards from the different divisions of the awards ceremony definitely deserve their victory. For the most part, people are always keeping out for the well-known section like the best actor or actress category. Suffice to say, the 91st Oscars still has amazing nominees for the ‘Best Animated Short Film’ division and you’d be surprised to know that some of them have quite the theme.

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Animal Behaviour (Alison Snowden and David Fine)

Animal Behavior (2018) / IMDB

Five animals with psychological problems meet for therapy with Dr. Clement, a canine with compassion and empathy. Their usually peaceful group isn’t so peaceful anymore when a gorilla named Victor comes along with his anger issues. One of the Oscars 2019 Best Animated Short nominees, this Canadian animated short film is directed by Alison Snowden and David Fine.

Bao (Domee Shi and Becky Niemann-Cobb)

Bao (2018) / IMDB

The winner of this category, Bao deserves every bit of recognition. This film highlights the story of a sad Chinese mother who suffers from empty nest syndrome. She is thrilled to become a parent again when one of her dumplings comes to life. Soon, problems arise as the inevitable conflict between parent and child rears its ugly head and she then realizes that no one stays little forever.

Late Afternoon (Louise Bagnall and Nuria Gonzalez Blanco)

Late Afternoon (2017) / IMDB

Among the Oscars 2019 Best Animated Short nominees, Late Afternoon is probably at the top of the tearjerker list. This is a moving story of an old lady Emily who suffers from dementia. As she furthers herself away from the world she lives in, a glimpse of her reflection makes her memory wander to her childhood and young adulthood; she uses this advantage to connect her past to her present.

One Small Step (Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas)

One Small Step (2018) / IMDB

Luna Chu has always wanted to be an astronaut and no matter what obstacles come her way, she will always “shoot for the stars”. Her devoted father, a humble cobbler, also helps Luna aim for her dreams.

Weekends (Trevor Jimenez)

Weekends (2017) / IMDB

Set in 1980s Toronto,Weekends is a story about a young boy who suffers in the wake of his parents’ separation. As he is still young, he’s unable to understand his new situation. He is forced to stay with his mother for the weekdays and his father on the weekends. Although it is difficult for all members of the family, they have to face the reality that both her mother and father will have to move on with their lives without each other.